Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Blurred Lines (parody)

Ok, i've been sick. I've had a severe head & chest cold symptoms for over a week. I finally took some codeine last night, to help sleep better. I didn't really help much, but i woke up with some alternate lyrics to robin thicke's 'blurred lines' song.. Imagine nancy pelosi twerking in the role of miley cyrus, but instead of a big forefinger, it is a middle one. It's not a word for word, perfect tone copy, but it's not bad as a parody.
Anyway (cough, cough) here it is..

Blurred Lines

Everybody trust us
Everybody trust us
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

Redefining language, the simple way to do it,
It might seem too easy, but there's really nothing to it.
Maybe you're going deaf,
Hey, hey, hey
Maybe you're going blind,
Hey, hey, hey
As long as you doubt your mind,
Hey, hey, hey
Everybody trust us!

Ok, now we're close, try the great fiction again,
where everybody lives, baby, off of everybody else.
it's never worked before.
Hey, hey, hey
It always ends in war,
Hey, hey, hey
But it can work this time,
Hey, hey, hey
turn off your mind, and i will take a good girl,
like Lady Liberty,
like Truth & Justice,
that's how i want it.
You are good girls!
you won't get past me,
I'll redefine you,
fundamentally change you.
That's how i want it.

Don't read no Bastiat,
Hey, hey, hey
ignore the 10 cannots,
Hey, hey, hey
new lies i'll rearrange,
how 'bout some hope & change? 
I love those Blurred lines!

The challenge for the ages,
is for some to tell the many,
you make bread, we'll eat it!
It's the oldest scam in this place!
But i've got luck, too,
Hey, hey, hey
I'll take your stuff, too
Hey, hey, hey
what rhymes with 'luck, too'?
hey, hey, hey

Ok now we are close, nearly subjugate you,
We have not yet run out of other people's money, hey, hey!
I'll liberate it,
hey, hey, hey
i'll fornicate it,
hey, hey, hey
see, i'm your maker
And that is why i am going to take your money!
that's how we want it. 
You know i want it.
I know you want it.
I love those blurred lines!
We keep it muddy,
'cause we're your buddy.

I'll take your property,
Hey, hey, hey
revise your history,
Hey, hey, hey
A few more years of me,
Hey, hey, hey
goodbye to liberty!
I love those blurred lines!

One thing i'm a tellin' you,
I'll be the one that rules over you.
I'm smarter than anyone, with swag to boot,
You gotta have a king, it is me for you,
Just do everything i tell you to,
I'm big enough to tear this world in two,
No brag, just fact, i'm not being simplistic,
But walkin' past a mirror makes me narcissistic,
I am the best ruler a nation could find,
elite & humble, & out of my mind,
Not like your last guy, too square, not cool,
but I'll pull your hair & make you salute,
You make me rich & i'll make you my bitch,
I'll smack you down so don't dare refuse this pimpin',
'cause nothing i take from you is enough for me.

Imagine yes we can, it's so orwellian,
next stop utopia! Thank me for the gift of propaganda!
I like it to hurt, like it hurt
what, do you like work?

Baby take your soma, 'cause we're your momma.
I'm your nanny honey, you don't need any money, uh huh,
How 'bout some new QEs?
Hey, hey, hey
Some fiscal fantasy?
Hey, hey, hey
no point in working more
Hey, hey, hey
pretend to help the poor, 
Hey, hey, hey
we'll tell you anything as we take more & more! We love those blurred lines!
I know you want it
You know i want it
i know you want it

Everybody trust us
Everybody trust us
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

It's kind of funny.. until yesterday, i hadn't really listened to the lyrics of the song. I've heard it a few times, here & there, & it has a catchy tune & some nice walking bass riffs, but once i read the lyrics, i was shocked! This is a hateful, anti woman, demeaning song if there ever was one! Just the kind that fits into the grammy, progressive, marxist philosophy. And they have the gall to call republicans anti woman! The 'blurred lines' that thicke sings about is being rough with women, & saying, 'i know you want it'. So a woman screaming, 'No! Stop!' isn't really what she wants.. she really means, 'yes! yes!'

Where are the PC feminists? They should be all over the grammys. But it fits right in with the hip hop attitude toward women being 'ho's' & 'bitches'. They objectify women more than anyone, yet have the smug hypocrisy to label conservatives as 'anti women'.

More 'redefinition' & orwellian newspeak. More 'blurred lines'. Check out the parody lyrics. They actually have a better, clearer, & more appropriate message than the original. For the left, 'blurred lines' is very important. Clear definitions are anathema to them. They don't want a clear definition of when life begins, but keep it blurred. Fiscal policy & economics HAVE to be blurred & fuzzy.. common sense & regular arithmetic exposes them as corrupt & financial failures. The only thing they want clear is their right to full power rule. THAT is the one thing they do not have the right to, yet they claim it as divinely bestowed. But according to thicke, liberal women want to be raped, smacked around, their hair pulled, & bullied. 'I know you want it!'

And this is what the left thinks americans want, as well.  We WANT to be bullied, nannied, & oppressed.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

War as due process

The american constitution has strict limits on what the executive branch can do. This is a 'check & balance' that the founders worked for. It keeps executive power in check, & forbids them from making war at will. They have to go through the congress, which is like a jury in a due process judicial matter.

Say there is a threat to the nation. The president or intelligence community brings the evidence to congress. They look at it & determine if there is a need for military response.. international justice. If the evidence is vague or insufficient, congress should turn that request down. If they determine there is a direct threat to the nation, it is fitting for them to declare war & make appropriations. The president then commands the armed forces to eliminate the threat, as mandated by congress. This is the way of the american constitution. We the people, pay for the war, kill, & die in it.

But what do we have, now? A president has become judge, jury, & executioner. They say, 'trust us, we have the inside information', then proceed to bomb or invade other sovereign nations, without a declaration of war or any due process. The executive branch has taken a role that is not granted by the constitution, & now makes war indiscriminately.. killing anyone they want. This is completely contrary to a free people, ruled by Law.. we are a republic, with clear procedures for justice. It is not up to the whim of a bureaucrat to decide who lives or dies.

1. Constitutional war in america is a matter of due process. Congress must declare it, & the executive branch carries out the order. Violations of this basic protocol strikes at the very heart of what america is about. Due process, checks & balances, & separation of duties are core american values. This is the most basic covenant of american justice. Without it, we are another state centered ruling monster, with no individual rights.
2. Killing ANYONE is a violation of their individual sovereignty, & is contrary to the concept of due process. American citizens ESPECIALLY should have the full protection of the constitution, & not have their rights waived whimsically by a bureaucrat for vague notions of 'national security'. Let charges be filed, & let the accuser face the accused. Review the evidence, & let a jury of peers decide their guilt. THAT is the heritage of justice we have arrived at, & the current violations are a step backward for mankind.
3. If core values are set aside for convenience, then there are no individual rights. America is a farce.. justice, liberty, & individual freedom are an illusion & have no meaning. There MUST be consistency in our policy. It MUST reflect the core values of america, which are due process, individual sovereignty, & the securing of basic rights.
4. If liberty, due process, & the separation of powers as outlined in the constitution are ignored, we have lost the heart & soul of america. We have become just another oppressive state, where the individual's rights mean nothing, & the rulers can whimsically give or withhold our rights. The constitutional guarantees are mere suggestions to them, & their ignoring & trampling of these basic motivational ideals are a treasonous act. They are anti american, anti human, & should be deposed swiftly & ruthlessly.