Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Newton vs Darwin: Basis for Worldviews

I see 2 basic foundations for world views:
  1. Newtonian.  The universe is orderly, with immutable laws governing its processes.
  2. Darwinian.  The universe is constantly changing, there are no absolutes, & everything is relative.
Newton continued the quest for scientific truth started by Copernicus, the father of modern science.  Some say the Copernican Revolution, the birth of modern science, concluded with Newton's laws.  This worldview is the basis for all of our modern discoveries, & they laid the foundation for all the technological, medical, & scientific discoveries for the last 200 years.  This was the Age of Reason, where empirical truth overcame superstition, & science explained the world we live in.  It was an instrumental factor in dragging western civilization from the dark ages, & was the foundational basis for the American experiment, Natural Law, & other Enlightenment values.  Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, & other sciences had a basis in empirical facts, derived from an orderly universe.  Most of these early scientists believed in a Creator, who made all things, & created Laws to govern the universe.  There was no conflict between science & faith.  Science was seen as a way to explain the universe, & to understand what God had wrought.

In contrast, Darwinian theory was based on change.. constant change.  Nothing was absolute, & laws could vary & change with the environment or other variables.

The Newton pattern is science’s holy grail: universal laws, fixed interactions described by tightly causal equations. The Darwin pattern is fundamentally different: universal processes whose logic, applied locally, creates a looser causality, including parts with behaviors that aren’t fixed, often involving choice and change. Hence detailed outcomes aren’t as mathematically describable or predictable.  ~JAG BHALLA

America was founded under Newtonian principles & the Enlightenment.  Marxism, Progressivism, & Socialism (among others) came from the Darwinian world view.  That is why the left is unconcerned with Truth, as a principle.  They are only concerned with the end result, & the means of getting there.  Expediency, not accuracy, is their focus.  Facts can be spun to make a point, or accomplish a goal.  Lies are ok, if they further the Cause.  The end justifies the means.  Hence, the pattern of mandated 'truth' by the left.  Evidence & scientific methodology are not important, but crafting a plausible belief system, that works with an agenda.
  1. Naturalism is the only explanation for origins, science, & the existence of life.  Evolution is proven fact.  Those who are superior should rule.
  2. Global warming (or climate change) is settled science, & show the need to give power to the superior elite.
  3. Facts are irrelevant in examination of an issue.. Obama's birth certificate, Hillary's emails, Benghazi, all ask for trust, not critical examination & due process.  The Expert elite should be trusted, & the superior should rule.
  4. Smear campaigns against ideological enemies are not base on empirical fact, but accusation & phony narratives.  'Racist!', 'Denier!', and other pejoratives are used in place of facts.  Trust the experts.  They are superior, & they should rule.
As long as the foundation for this worldview remains, the ideology will continue.  Unless a return to empiricism occurs, we will continue the slide away from the scientific method, back to science by decree.  Critical thinking has given way to belief in the elite, & opinion of 'experts'.  The constant argument is over credentials of the claimant, not the accuracy or evidence of the content.  But Truth is not a democratic process, or a matter of consensus. 

The only conclusion that can be made is the superiority of the evolved elite, & a mandate for them to rule.  This is contrary to American principles of self rule, & human equality.  It is a stark difference in worldview, but it has become the State Religion, & is indoctrinated in everyone from every institution in modern society.  It portends the end of America, & a return to the dark ages.

I do not see the election of Trump as an indicator of a return to Enlightenment principles.  I see it as a temporary setback for the progressive agenda, & a nostalgic gesture for 'the good old days' of American values.  The root is still there, & the indoctrination continues for darwinian, marxist principles.  As long as progressivism is seen as a benign or even preferable world view, the decline of America & the principles of human equality, freedom, & self rule will continue.