Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fake Science

You've heard of 'Fake News', this is about fake science. There are many who use the name of 'science' to promote an ideological agenda. They are not producing scientific evidence, or arguments, or anything that even resembles Real Science, which follows the scientific method, but agenda driven propaganda, shrouded in pseudo scientific terms to fool people & dazzle them with obfuscating terminology. Let us examine some of the traits of this Fake Science trend, & the basis that it is built upon.

1. Mandated Conformity. Instead of producing facts & evidence, & letting them compel a conclusion, the fake science advocates prefer to mandate belief in their decrees, & pretend the facts support their position. It is contrary to the scientific method & open inquiry.
2. Appeal to Authority. Fake Science believers have a pool of experts that they appeal to, based on credentials, rather than facts or evidence.
3. Bandwagon Fallacy. Instead of science, they claim, 'Everyone who is smart knows this is true'. It is a claim of universal knowledge, when the facts have not even been presented.
4. Poison the well. Any criticism of the facts, data, or conclusions from the Fake Scientists is met with an attack & discredit for the source of the criticism. The points of science or reason are not addressed, but the source is attacked to try to discredit it.
5. Ad Hominem. This is a favorite tactic of the Fake Science crowd.. they do not reply to any reason or facts, but deflect with name calling & insults to the critic of their pet belief, whatever it is.
6. Other logical fallacies. False equivalence, straw men, begging the question, circular reasoning, & just about any fallacy you can name is used by the Fake Scientists, instead of reason & scientific methodology.
7. Fake Data. For the fake scientists, the agenda is all important, not Discovery, or building upon the human knowledge base. Data is manipulated, faked, contrived & declared, with no examination allowed, & no criticism permitted.
8. Indoctrination. The agendas of the Fake Scientists are not driven by reason or facts, but by propaganda & forced indoctrination. Progressive indoctrination centers & every human institution that is controlled by the Fake Science adherents promote their propaganda with religious zeal.
9. Propaganda. Make the lie big, tell it often & loudly, & eventually people will believe it.

Fake science is the New Science of the day. In the dark ages, this kind of science was the status quo, & it took a revolution, beginning with Copernicus then built upon by Kepler, Newton, and many others that saw the birth of modern science, empiricism, & the Age of Reason. It reached a pinnacle in WW2, where technology & science seemed almost magical, & changed the world with dazzling displays of technological derring do. Machines could fly. Huge monuments to Man's Power were built everywhere, & the Ability of Man seemed limitless. Knowledge & science were worshiped like a god.

But since that era, we have slowly been 'devolving' as a society (in America, at least) to put technology in a sacred realm, where only the high priests could go. It was the holy of holies, where the common man could not go, & it is blasphemy for him to dare to challenge the decrees of the Elite Knowledge Keepers, who know all things, & should be trusted to care for him.

Here are a few of the Fake Science Beliefs of the day:

1. Global Warming. This is actually the poster child for Fake Science. It meets all the criteria: agenda driven, ridicule for any critics, ad hominem, contrived data, mandated belief, & relentless indoctrination.
2. A woman can do what she pleases with her body. This ignores the scientific evidence of a unique, individual human being growing inside the woman, which is the mammalian way of reproduction. The new person is no long 'a part of the woman's body', but a new life, growing inside her. It is fake science to claim it is a 'blob of tissue', or other orwellian redefinitions.
3. Evolution is settled science, & is proven to be the origin of man. This is flawed in every way, & is also Fake Science. There is NO evidence that this is even possible, much less that it DID happen. It is merely an indoctrinated belief
4. Guns kill people. Statistics are given, from juggled data sets, & deceptive studies, to try to demonize the firearm, which is also a great deterrent for evildoers. But only the negatives are presented, to try to promote a false perception, & to promote a phony narrative.
5. White people are evil. The race obsessed, divisive left is constantly revising history, promoting false narratives of 'white privilege,' 'black lives matter', & other hysteria based racist memes. It is not supported by facts or reality, but is a phony narrative, used to instigate violence, sedition, & division in society.
6. A nation should have open borders. This is historically & logistically false & impossible. Any nation that has any attraction to immigration must have some kind of orderly system for immigrants. Open borders only create chaos, crime, & overload the system. The reasoning & arguments for it are completely irrational, fallacious, & based on deceptive data.
7. If you are low on money, just print some more. This is the absurd belief that monetary policy should be based on decree, rather than production. But all decreed money does is devalue, as inflation eats up the wealth of the working man, & transfers it to the ruling elite.
8. Govt can enable everyone to live off of everybody else. This is the 'Great Fiction' that Bastiat wrote of, & ignores the more basic problems of production of food & other necessities, which 'govt' cannot produce. Only working people create the necessities of life.
9. America is evil. America is the only successful experiment in self rule, in the history of man. Those who hate it as a system usually suggest some kind of marxist solution, which has a terrible record for the common man, for rights, opportunity, prosperity, or anything else.
10. You can be what you want to be. This ignores scientific reality. It pretends that biological reality is somehow a choice, or an option you can make at any time in your life. But it ignores the genetic & biological reality of gender.
11. Love Trumps Hate. This is a favorite slogan of the progressive left, which they demonstrate by rioting, burning cars, & committing acts of violence on those who disagree with them. It is merely orwellian 'New speak', which redefines reality with opposite terms.
12. Islam is the religion of peace. This is also demonstrated, almost daily, with suicide bombers, attacks on civilians, & terrorist attacks, with the left constantly defending them while attacking other beliefs as 'bigoted'. 

There are many more, & i could go on. These are all sacred tenets of faith, in the religion of Progressivism. Almost all progressives hold to all of these, all at once, with little departure from the mandated belief system. These are not based on reason, facts, or empirical evidence, but mandated, indoctrinated propaganda. The American culture has turned from an empirical view of reality, with freedom of belief, to one of fantasy, mandates, & indoctrination.

Unless there is another cultural revolution in America, & unless empiricism & scientific methodology returns to its rightful place as an arbiter of knowledge, we will continue down the slide of madness & folly, where truth becomes a lie, & lies become 'truth.' It is a return to the dark ages, where Fake Science originated.

I'm looking forward to a revival of scientific inquiry.. it usually happens, after a period of mandated conformity by the status quo. A few bold heretics will post a controversial study, or make a shocking claim that rocks the Fake Science world. Like Galileo, Copernicus, Pasteur, & others, the Truth of some sacred cow of the institutional status quo will be examined more critically, & it will eventually crumble under that scrutiny. I'm actually shocked, that something like the ToE and AGW has been going on for so long, in our alleged 'scientific' culture. It just goes to show that science is no more immune from human manipulations than anything else. The ruling elite have been doing it for centuries, if not millennia, & will likely continue into the future. The fantasy belief that we are somehow immune to this, because we are at the pinnacle of human knowledge, is charmingly naive, absurdly arrogant, & dangerously ignorant.

Science, or scientific methodology, is not tasked with explaining the mysteries of the universe for philosophical comfort. Facts, evidence, & Truth are the goals, not offering alternative explanations for unknown mysteries that are beyond the realm of scientific methodology. Evolution has become a religion.. a belief system, with NO scientific basis. For the true scientist, exposing flaws, & critically examining the claims are the main tasks. Attempting to prop up a worldview, or cater to a belief system has NO PLACE in scientific endeavor. Yet that is what Fake Science is all about. Truth & Facts are not sought, but validation for some hare brained 'theory'.

They are propagandists.. ideologically driven beliefs are all they have. There is NO EVIDENCE that 'species change over time, in the basic genetic structure. The only 'changes' that occur are on the micro level, or in mere variability. The postulation that organisms can move easily between one genetic structure to another is not possible, from anything we know today. That is 'Fake Science', that indoctrinates this belief system into people as though it were 'settled science'. It is not. It is not even science. It is a religious belief.

I know there are not many scientifically minded people out there. Most people are content to leave that to the 'experts'. So they 'trust' them, believing them to be conflict free, & sincere seekers of scientific truth. But these are human beings, & as such, are subject to the same biases, prejudices, & self interests as anyone else. Anybody involved in the realm of research knows this.

I like this quote, from 1961, about the increasing conflict of govt funding & scientific research. It should be obvious, & how many people have been up in arms over the years over some phony report from 'govt scientists', telling us to chill & trust them, they are the 'smart ones', & have everything under control. DDT? It's safe, they assured us. Nuclear testing? Not a problem.. just rattles the windows, some. Margarine vs butter. Cigarettes. GMOs. Coffee. Sugar. Coal. Nuclear power. Name your controversy, & there was a govt funded study taking whichever side the ruling or moneyed, or academic elite preferred. It is the classic case of mixing politics with science, & it has always been a problem. Whenever you take science away from individual pursuit, or bind it under some institutional directives, you get Fake Science. Oh, they may come up with a few solutions, using technology in some way, but seldom does govt funded research bring anything radical to the knowledge base. They may build on it, some, but they do not do breakthroughs.

Akin to, and largely responsible for the sweeping changes in our industrial-military posture, has been the technological revolution during recent decades.
In this revolution, research has become central; it also becomes more formalized, complex, and costly. A steadily increasing share is conducted for, by, or at the direction of, the Federal government.
Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.
The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded.

The bolds are mine, & the quote is from Eisenhower, 1961. It is interesting to me how little things change. This could have easily been someone speaking to the current problems with scientific research, & the conflict of money, influence, & agenda.

Fake Science is real. It has been with us forever, & it takes skeptical, keen eyed critics to see through the bluff & arrogance of the elite, to continue the holy curiosity of inquiry.

Monday, February 27, 2017


Anyone remember charts like this?

How many of us were raised with this little evolutionary progression chart? The neanderthal was in that sequence. But now, even the proponents of evolution are changing their minds. They won't change the cute little evolutionary sequence, since that is canonized into the major tenets of the Religion of Evolution, but they now realize the neanderthals were probably just humans.. no fanfare.. no major announcements.. just sheepishly admitting that the facts do not support their fantasy.

..for a long time paleoanthropologists have viewed Neanderthals as too dull and too clumsy to use efficient tools, never mind organize a hunt and divvy up the game. Fact is, this site, along with others across Europe and in Asia, is helping overturn the familiar conception of Neanderthals as dumb brutes. Recent studies suggest they were imaginative enough to carve artful objects and perhaps clever enough to invent a language.

Neanderthals, traditionally designated Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, were not only “human” but also, it turns out, more “modern” than scientists previously allowed. “In the minds of the European anthropologists who first studied them, Neanderthals were the embodiment of primitive humans, subhumans if you will,” says Fred H. Smith, a physical anthropologist at LoyolaUniversity in Chicago who has been studying Neanderthal DNA. “They were believed to be scavengers who made primitive tools and were incapable of language or symbolic thought.”Now, he says, researchers believe that Neanderthals “were highly intelligent, able to adapt to a wide variety of ecologicalzones, and capable of developing highly functional tools to help them do so. They were quite accomplished.” source

Neanderthals were human. They buried their dead, used tools, had a complex social structure, employed language, and played musical instruments. Neanderthal anatomy differences are extremely minor and can be for the most part explained as a result of a genetically isolated people that lived a rigorous life in a harsh, cold climate. source

Since drawing about 60% of neanderthal dna, a lot has been discovered about them.
  • They interbred with homo sapien. ~ 2 Billion people have neanderthal genes in them.. mostly european & asian. What does this tell us? They were the same species. Separate species cannot interbreed. They were merely a 'tribe' of humans that had unique physical features.. like many tribes today. Their genetic 'line' can be traced. They did not evolve separately, nor were they a distinct hominid species. They just 'looked different' than whatever normal 'homo sapiens' looked like.

This was a problem for those in the evolution field.
“We were suspicious of the result,” Reich says. “We found signals of mixture and then worked very hard to make them go away.”
He tried for a year, to no avail. Finally, Reich and his colleagues had no choice but to conclude that Neanderthals had mated with humans. They estimated that the DNA of living Asians and Europeans was (on average) 2.5 percent Neanderthal. source

So, if the 'experts' were mistaken about neanderthals, & they were merely humans like pygmies or aborigines, why do they continue to try to prove evolution with shaky data? Why do they start at the conclusion, looking for data to prop up their flimsy arguments? Why not admit we don't know, & let the data speak for itself?

But in many of the 'science' forums, sites, nature programs, & other evolutionary indoctrination centers, Neanderthal is STILL pitched as an 'ancestor' of modern human beings. 

Almost every time i 'debate' the ToE, neanderthals are thrust at me as 'proof of evolution!' So the facts have not caught up with the beliefs, or perhaps the beliefs have not caught up with the facts. Much of what is still taught as 'evidence' for the ToE is refuted, yet it still hangs on like it means something. The desperation is great for SOMETHING to base this belief upon. We have no evidence that man has 'evolved' from a common ancestor, or that species have evolved from simple organisms to the complex varieties we see today. ALL of that is conjecture & fantasy, with no supporting evidence from science.

I was spoon fed the ToE from infancy. It is the defacto standard for origins in every public arena, media, & mainstream science source. It was not until i began to examine the claims with more skepticism that i began to doubt the pop science of our modern culture. Just like the status quo used to think the world was flat, & that leeches took out 'bad blood', or that neanderthals were stupid, subhuman brutes, i began to doubt the 'experts' & their confident assertions. Using common sense, logic, & just the facts, i came to the conclusion that the ToE is flawed in many ways. It is a valid belief system, which i acknowledge. It might even be true. I just do not see any logical or scientific facts that compel that conclusion. It is a flimsy theory at best, & a deceptive hoax at worst. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see the holes in the theory, just be a rational, skeptical person with average reasoning skills.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fallacies of Evolution

Here is a list of fallacies for the Theory of Evolution (ToE) as it is commonly taught in schools.

  1. False Equivalence. We can observe simple variability within an organism. Colored moths adapt to changing tree bark. Rabbits adapt to their surroundings. This is an observable, repeatable science, also known as 'micro evolution'. The fallacy is in making an equivalence between minor changes in physical traits, to extrapolating large changes in the genetic structure. But that is NOT observed, & cannot be tested. It is a false equivalence, to equate minor changes in micro evolution with the major ones in macro evolution.
  2. Argument of Authority. 'All really smart people believe in the ToE.' This is not a scientific proof, but an argument of authority, as if truth were a democratic process. Real science must be proved, via the scientific method, not merely declared by elites.
  3. 'Everybody believes this!' This is an attempt to prove something by asserting it is common knowledge. It is obviously not true, anyway, as many people do not believe in the ToE, in spite of decades of indoctrination from the educational system, public television, & other institutions intent on promoting this ideology.
  4. The infinite monkey theorem. 'Given enough time, anything is possible.' is the appeal here. If you have infinite monkeys, typing on infinite typewriters (lets update this to computers!), eventually you would get the works of Shakespeare, etc. This is an appeal to measure the ToE with probability, rather than observable science. We still cannot observe or repeat the basic claims of the ToE, so the belief that anything is possible, given enough time is merely that: A belief.
  5. Ad Hominem. This is a favorite on the forums. If you cannot answer someone's arguments, you can still demean them & call them names. It is an attempt to discredit the person, rather than deal with the science or the arguments.
  6. Argument by Assertion. Instead of presenting evidence, assertions are repeated over & over, as if that will make up for the impotence of the arguments.
  7. Argument from Ignorance. This is claiming that evolution is true, because it has not been proven false. But the burden of proof is on the claimant, not the skeptic, to prove their claims. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof" ~Marcello Truzzi
  8. Circular Reasoning. This is the argument that evolution is true, because we see all the variety of living things that have evolved. It is using the assumption of evolution to prove itself. Taxonomic classifications are often used in this manner.
  9. Equivocation. This is similar to the false equivalence. It is using the terms 'evolution' when talking about variability within an organism, & changing the context to macro evolution. It is comparing horizontal diversity in an organism to vertical diversity in the DNA. But one is obviously visible & repeatable, while the other is not.
  10. Correlation proves Causation. This attempts to use similarity of appearance (looks like) as proof of descendancy. But morphological similarity can often display wide divergence in the DNA, with no evidence there was every a convergence.

The ToE has not been demonstrated by scientific methodology, only asserted & claimed. It is, in fact, a belief.. an almost religious belief in the origins of living things. It is an essential element for a naturalistic view of the universe, & for that reason, it is defended (and promoted) with jihadist zeal. But it is too full of logical & scientific flaws to be called 'science'. It is a philosophical construct, with very shaky foundations. There are many other flaws in the ToE, regarding the dating methods, conjectures about the fossil record, & other conflicts with factual data.

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Scientific Method

Here's how the scientific method works:

  1. Craft a plausible hypothesis for an observed phenomenon.
  2. Compile data that addresses that hypothesis.
  3. Examine the data. Is it valid? Is it accurate? Were the parameters for gathering it credible & conforming with established scientific methodology?
  4. Dismiss any claims of expertise.. those are irrelevant to any scientific inquiry. That is a fallacy, not science.
  5. Critically examine the 'science'.. that is, the data, the hypothesis, & the conclusions. Do they line up? Is the conclusion justified by the data? Do the predictions line up with the actual data?
  6. Support or discredit the hypothesis, based on the conclusions of the data.
  7. Grow in understanding. Add to the human knowledge base with sound reasoning, dispassionate scientific inquiry, & systematic methodology.

THAT is science.. but is that what we see? Not much, anymore. And hardly at all, in public discourse. And, not at all, with the theory of evolution. Instead, here is how it goes:

  1. Craft a plausible hypothesis for an observed phenomenon.
  2. Provide no data, or ignore data that conflicts with the hypothesis.
  3. Assert that the data supports the hypothesis, with no logical or scientific compelling conclusions.
  4. Ridicule, blackball, & insult any who question the claims, the data, or the conclusions.
  5. Demand that 'experts' be given authority over scientific methodology.
  6. Rely on fallacies of science & logic to support the claim.
  7. Demand that the hypothesis be believed, and mandate conformity.
  8. Set back science for centuries, & return to the dark ages.

Fortunately, this New Science has not taken over all of science.. yet. It is the domain of the politically driven pseudo scientists, however. I have updated the labelling of this trend as 'Fake Science' to be more current with terminology. It is a major setback in the quest for knowledge, & is a return to the dark ages, where truth is mandated, & conformity demanded.

This kind of 'science' is most visible in the 'soft' sciences of climate & biology, where philosophical beliefs flavor the outlook, rather than compelling data. And, it is lawyers, politicians, celebrities, & other NON scientific people who are the most vocal for this kind of 'science'.

The decline of scientific methodology is one of the most tragic trends in our culture.. and demanding that the common man submit to 'experts' is the antithesis of science. 

Critical thought. Skepticism. Asking, 'WHY?' 

THESE are the hallmarks of scientific thinking, not blind submission to mandated belief.

I have used the hard sciences for all of my professional life. I have seen & used proven methods of engineering, formula calculations, geometry, & hard data to arrive at solutions for practical problems in the world. But my arguments are not based on my personal experience, or beliefs, but those of science. So any argument for some alleged 'science!' claim is easy for me to see. Is it based on hard data? Do the facts support the hypothesis? Is the data credible? I have not seen ANY credible data or arguments that support the theory of evolution. It is all contrived, extrapolated, asserted, or based on flawed assumptions. It does not take an Einstein to see this, but it is easier if you have some background in real science, & not just the pseudo science that is pitched these days. 

So how about it? Anyone want to take a shot at presenting some REAL SCIENCE to support the claim of universal common descent? Can you demonstrate, WITH DATA, that this phenomenon is even possible? I am very clear as to the assertions.. & the eye rolling.. & the disdain for any who question the basic tenets of this belief, but i have not seen ANY compelling data to suggest this is even possible. If anything, the exact opposite is observed. Organisms do not increase in complexity, or add chromosome pairs, genes, or traits, but they decrease. How do you combine the speculative claims of this hypothesis with observable reality? They are opposites.. diametrically opposed concepts.

Show me. Provide the mechanism that demonstrates HOW you can go from 23 to 24 (or 22) chromosome pairs, with the necessary genes to explain the major differences between a chimp & human. Show me HOW you can add genes, or modify them in such a way that major changes to the genetic architecture is permanently affected. HOW do you add wings, warm bloodedness, construct an eye, or any of the fantastic events that this god of evolution somehow creates? It is absurd. It is madness. It is UNscientific. It is a religious belief, with no basis in science.