Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This is the start of my philoso-blog.  It's a place for me to record ideas, random thoughts, philosophical musings, & assorted drivel.  I will make political commentary, reflect on my life & experiences, & generally be inward & self-absorbed.  The opinions expressed are my own, & i will give credit for other's inspiration.

I am 57 yrs old as i write this.  I live in Arizona, USA & have been here for over 25 yrs.  I am a 12th generation American & have roots back to the Massachusetts & Virginia colonies in the Americas from both sides of my family.  It is helpful, i think, to know the source & inspiration of ideas & how they came about.  Nothing originates in a  vacuum, & we are the sum of our experiences & genetics.

I hope to distill some wisdom & useful advice in these writings.  It will be a work in progress, & may morph into something completely different than what i anticipated.

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