Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Friday, July 29, 2011

Elections, debt, religion, Bachman

Republican presidential nominees.

I've been impressed with most of the candidates vying for the repub nomination. They talk a good talk. They're trying to appeal to the tea party types. I voted for Carter in '76 because he ran on making the federal govt. more efficient.. cutting back, etc. He was a washington outsider, & a businessman who knew how to manage things better. It did not take long to see he was a tax & spend liberal masquerading as a moderate. Then Reagan was supposed to do the same things. Govt was too big, & he would fix it. He did some good stuff, but the govt is still growing & dominating the landscape. Most people will remember the rest.. more big govt programs, spending, debt. Now we are here. It will take a bold & fiscally ruthless individual to put us back in solvency, & we'll probably get some greek riots with it. But is it what we need to do if the American Experiment is to continue.

Obama 2012.
Most of the time, conservatives vote for the lesser of the evils in their politicians. Liberals seem to lean toward a messiah syndrome, where their leader is the 'chosen one'.. the bright morning star to lead them to the promised land.. They seem to worship the lead dog, & demonize the opposition. Obama & bush are perfect examples of that. Look at the records.. was bush as bad as the liberals make out? Is obama that great? even from a liberal agenda.. what has obama done that is that exciting? Did he close guantanamo? did he get us out of iraq? No, he escalated in afganistan & now libya. Other than a lot of his liberal cronies getting plush govt jobs, has the working poor fared better? His socialist agenda is out of the closet, & people see him as the tax & spend liberal that he is. I do not think he will be re-elected.. he will be like carter in 1980.

I think the debate with the founders was more along the lines of 'federalist vs state's rights'. Many of the federalists wanted a monarchy style govt.. Adams lobbied for a grand title for the president.. almost kingly in it's description, iirc. George Washington deliberately was low key, & provided a good example of what most of the constitutionalists wanted. But it is surprisingly similar today. The federalists want a larger govt with more power.. like the euro parliament models. Liberals today gaze longingly at socialism in europe & wish it for us. They describe in glowing terms all of the benefits of state run health care, retirement, welfare, etc, & ignore the howls of protest from those countries as their system is overloaded & on the verge of collapse. But rather than learn from mistakes, we think we can somehow miss the negatives, as long as our ideals are pure, & we believe hard enough.

It seems to me that many liberals are more in opposition to conservative principles because of the religious connection. They have to automatically oppose something from the right because it is inherently 'religious'. Their minds are not free to consider things based on it's merit, but they have to know if it came from 'them' or 'us'. The nation is highly divided, & has become more so since obama's election. He has fanned the flames of intolerance & class warfare. The left slings 'racism!' at any disagreement with obama, & demonizes the right to the point of extreme hatred.. look how they view bush.. very irrational, it seems to me. He was just another typical republican president.. didn't do anything that bad or great. The whole congress voted to go to iraq, remember. But to the left, he is the devil incarnate, to phrase it in religious terms. I certainly know from history (& currently in the middle east) the bad things that happen when the religious institution runs the govt... or when the govt picks the favored religion. But to accuse that of happening in the us is ridiculous.. it is religulous. It's not going to happen. No religious group has enough juice to take on the entire congress, the judicial system, or the executive branch to establish religion. Let those who have passionate views practice their religion.. as long as they aren't hurting anyone. 

They can pay their fair share of taxes, though.

But lets not make straw men & see enemies where there are none. Americans like freedom. We err on the side of freedom.. We worry ourselves sick over free speech, religion, arms, & other freedom issues.

So why is the left obsessed with limiting freedom? I don't know. They want to limit religious expression, keeping arms, & speech. They are constantly suing, passing executive orders, & passing laws that limit the freedoms of just the above 3 things in the bill of rights. There are plenty of real problems out there.. why are they obsessed with taking down a cross somewhere & limiting gun ownership? 

I don't care what Bachman's religious views are.. she is free to express them, & as long as she's not advocating imposing them by law, who cares? I don't know if obama is a christian, a muslim, or an atheist, & i don't care. But i can see what his policies are, & what he's wanting to do with this country & i'm against that. BTW, it seems to me obama & his ilk are a lot more elitist & 'holier than thou' than ms. Bachman. She is much more down to earth & humble than the rock star president we have now.

I still don't see anyone pushing for a christian theocracy.. nothing like those who are pushing for a big brother, secular humanist society, or even some of the muslims goal of a caliphate.

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