Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Can Obama win with just the left base?

It looks like Obama is abandoning (for now) any appeal to moderates & is targeting his left wing base.. trying to rally his troops. The last few campaign rallies seem to be aimed at them. He chided the black congressional caucus, promised the dream act (again) to latinos, & all but guaranteed lots of govt. contracts for the unions.

But will unions, latinos, & the black vote be enough? Will his alienation of middle america & anti-wealth rhetoric bite him in the butt?

He also needs the youth vote.. a big bloc that he courted in '08, but he seems to be neglecting somewhat, now.

It seems to me that the only group he has come through with govt. goodies has been the unions. Blacks are not better off under Obama.. unemployment is much worse in the black community. Welfare & food stamps have skyrocketed, if you want to call that courting the black vote. Latinos have not gotten anything but empty promises.. no amnesty.. no dream act. He had the opportunity with a full dem congress, but spent it all on obamacare.

So will his base come out in droves & vote for him? I don't think so. The minorities are wising up to the left's constant race baiting. Blacks, Latinos, & other ethnic groups are not just rubber stamping whomever the democratic bosses tell them to vote for. You can fool people for a while with racial manipulation, but they are not stupid & will see through it eventually. Herman Cain, Allen West, & Marco Rubio are evidence that fiscal conservatism & constitutional america strikes a chord in everyone, regardless of race.

How about the 'womens' vote? The democrats have trumpeted themselves as the party of women, but where are the women democrats on the rise? Hilary? She seems to be content fixing sandwiches for Barry. Is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz the new face of democratic women? She will appeal to a handful of liberal academians or npr news anchors, but will not speak for the majority of american women of any race. The repubs, on the other hand, have women coming out of the woodwork, running for president, congress, senate, & dog catcher. They seem to have a better message that resonates with American women. No, it seems that democratic sexism is over, too. Women won't just blindly vote for whomever liberal men tell them to vote for, just because they are women.

If the democratic party doesn't abandon it's far left socialist agenda, i'm afraid they will lose by a landslide in the next election. A little financial responsibility would go a long way. ..less class warfare & economic divisiveness would help, too.

Obama ran as a moderate in '08. Will he be able to win over any moderates or conservatives in the next election?

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