Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Obama's class warfare

"For too long, the U.S. tax code has benefited the wealthy and well-connected at the expense of the vast majority of Americans. " B.O.

O's statement is an opinion at best.. and a distorted spin at worst.. it is not truthful. Someone else could argue, & with better supporting data, that the present tax code allows over half of the population to get a free ride on the other half. What is fair about that? The wealthy & middle class pay more taxes, & a higher percentage & total amount than any in the lower class, so this is nothing but a distorted opinion, masquerading as factual, to arouse class envy & hostility toward those who have more money. IOW, class warfare.

O is stating his opinions as fact to arouse envy & anger toward the rich.. a sense of unfairness that the evil rich have been exploiting the poor through the us tax code.

Am i defending the present tax code? No. I think it sucks. I would simplify it, remove loopholes, special exemptions, & lower the rates to make it fair for everyone. But first, i would cut govt spending dramatically, so we are living within our means.

O knows that even if he took all the income from all the rich, it would hardly make a dent in the deficit. So his ruse is only political posturing, the purpose which can only be concluded to be for political purposes.. to stir up the poor against the rich.. iow, class warfare.

Years from now, historians will look back on these times & talk about Barack 'class warfare' Obama. It will be his legacy.

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