Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Thursday, July 12, 2012

a dirt biker walks into a bar..

a dirt biker walks into a bar..

Where i live there are a lot of harley riders.. they cruise around on the weekends, go up to jerome, ride around in the mountains.. and just get out & enjoy the road. I always wave to them, but many are hanging on so tight they can't wave back. But i figure we are kindred spirits.. wild motorcycle riders with the wind in our hair & bugs in our teeth.

One time, i decided to drop into a harley bar. I had never been to one, & thought it would show solidarity with my 2 wheeled comrades.. we could cuss the cagers & debate the merits of oil. So i got on my hog.. well.. a yamaha 250 dirt bike, but it's MY hog.. and as usual, with me it is ATGATT*.. i had on my dual sport helmet, compression jacket, moto boots (white), knee braces & moto pants. I usually wear a leather jacket over my compression suit when going on adventure rides. I had on street gloves, with the carbon fiber knuckles. So i go in all suited up, to show that i'm a real biker, too. I even backed my bike into the parking lot like they do. I see the harley guys giving me mean stares.. must be a local custom to look tough, so i adapt & look mean, too. I belly up to the bar & order a beer. Before i get it, a couple of guys come over & start pushing me. At first, i'm surprised, but then i realize they must be helping me test out my gear! So to get into the spirit of it, i run into them, & they pick me up & throw me across a table. Furniture is breaking up like a western saloon brawl, and i get up, unhurt. I raise my hands to show i'm ok, & a couple of other guys grab me & throw me across some other tables & chairs. I get up again, the gear is doing it's job.

This goes on for a few minutes, but i'm starting to get tired of it. I know they mean well, & are certainly enthusiastic about helping me test the gear, but i'm getting a few bruises & the landings are taking it's toll. It's hard to speak with all the commotion, so i just run outside & jump on my bike.

They are into it, & follow me. They want to go on a ride, now! Well, i was glad for that, as the gear testing was starting to wear me out. Nothing like a good ride to clear the mind. I take off, with about a dozen guys following. I come upon a steep hill with some stairs down, & even though you're not supposed to ride on stairs, i figure the harley guys are rebellious & would enjoy some law breaking. So i turn & start thumping down the stairs. They follow, but some of them have trouble on the stairs.. about 5 or 6 of them fall over & their bikes slide on the hill. But many of them make it, & keep following.

Now i've got to think of another challenging section for our ride. I forgot my camera, so won't be able to post this in my ride reports, but it's still a fun ride. I remember some single track down the road, up the mountain & past the switchbacks. I have to slow down a lot to keep them in sight in the switchbacks, but i realize riders are at different stages in their riding ability so i wait for them. Finally i get to the single track. I turn down the trail, and only 2 follow. The rest turn back.. already tired? We're just getting started! This section has some rocks.. big rocks.. you have to pick a line & keep up your momentum. It is a short section, & comes out on an easy dirt road that i can go back home on. When i look back, there is no one following. I was paying pretty close attention to my own riding, & didn't watch what they were doing. They probably turned back, too.

So i went on home, but remember fondly the time when a big group of harley riders helped me test my gear.

* All the gear, all the time

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