Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Progressive Race Drum..

The left are masters of propaganda. It is used to produce an emotional response, not to provoke clarity of thought. Thinking & skepticism is not encouraged by the propagandists, but compliance & feel good submission to the benevolent leader who will lead us to utopia.

To be fair, the right sometimes engages in propaganda, but they are light years away from using it effectively. The left has had more than a century to practice it, & they have polished it to an art form.

The race issue, for example.  They constantly harp about race, never letting it fade from the forefront.

In many ways, i don't see the 'racial' tension in the uk or much of europe as being racial, as much as a backlash to a 'cultural invasion'. If immigrants come into the new country, embrace the language, the culture, the history, & identify themselves now as 'english' or 'french', i don't think we'd see the problems. But the multiculturalists insist on demonizing the home culture to over compensate & appear 'liberal', 'accepting', or 'tolerant'. But when the existing culture feels threatened, they call it racism.

In the us, it is a bit different, but not much. We have primarily been a white euro cultural society, but with a broad base of different races, cultures, & ideologies mixed in. The common 'culture' was american multiculturalism.. an individual freedom, opportunity, & responsibility emphasized society. Post civil war, & especially during the heyday of the eugenics movement, there was an attempt by the progressives to breed a better human in america. This was margaret sanger's goal, & until hitler came along & ruined it, it was pretty popular in the left's ideology.

I have been on the receiving end of a lot of prejudice.. in mexico, hawaii, on indian reservations, & even in england! I've had prejudice for my race, my sex, my ideology, my nationality, & even my regional locality. It is a human condition, & most reasonable people don't take it too seriously. It will not go away. We can restrain it some, or keep the extreme elements from becoming mainstream, but racial differences are real & probably here to stay.

I see the backlash in europe as being over the progressive's utopian policies, & it is a glimpse of what is coming to america, since we are usually a bit behind in the latest ideological fashions. The outworking of the anti cultural, anti capitalist, anti individual leftist movement may differ in some ways, but the results are usually the same.. racial tension, economic collapse, & division.

I think america has been poised to become more color blind, but the progressive left won't let it. They want to continually open old wounds, which the current generation has had nothing to do with. We have anti discrimination laws. We have the support of the media & the entertainment industry. If they would just let it go, & emphasize people's ideas, rather than filtering them through some artificial racial screen, racism could be cut way back. I don't think it can ever be fully eliminated.. it is too much a human trait, like hate, war, & murder. But the constant pounding of the race drum does not help. One of the major criticisms of romney in the last election was that he was 'an old white guy'. This was a valid criticism to the racist, progressive left! The hypocrisy is unbelievable.

I believe it to be more individual, & depends a lot on your environment & upbringing.

For example: In team sports, there is often a major mix of races. The players bond with each other as a team, & work toward the common goal of winning. Race might be brought up on occasion, but it is not foremost, & the loyalty & camaraderie is for the team, not the race.

If a person grows up in more of a single race culture.. they definitely are more conscious of race differences. But if/when they get into multicultural environments, they either grow in their perceptions & awareness, or they slide deeper into racial bigotry, & interpret everything around them through a racial filter.

I have lived in mexico, & now in az, have many mexican coworkers & friends. I also live close to native american centers, & interact with Navajos often. There are cultural differences with us. The navajos are different than the white az culture, which are different from the hispanic culture. But we can live in harmony, intermarry, work together, etc, without racial tension. But if there is something or someone making a big deal about our physical or racial differences, it becomes artificially uncomfortable.. we lose sight of each other as comrades, & the physical differences seem magnified. IMO, that is what the progressives do with their constant race drum pounding.

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