Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tolerance: A One Way Street?

The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism. ~Karl Marx

Many ideals are intolerant of others. Islam, Christianity, communism, monarchies, & just about any political movement. Islam has at it's core the drive to convert the infidels. Christianity, too. Jesus claimed himself 'the way, the truth, & the life..' He is the exclusive way to god. Kings & dictators do not entertain competing ideals in their courts. Even america is not tolerant of statist overreach.. amendments & limits were put in place to prevent that. Of course, those things have been ignored in the name of progress & tolerance, but we have lost the ideal along the way.

A true idealist can be tolerant of other people.. they can 'live & let live' with differing views, but they are not idealistically tolerant. They can vehemently criticize opposing ideals, yet have acceptance for the people. I think that differentiation is often overlooked. I routinely blast statism & govt overreaches, while promoting the ideals of individual freedom. The statist left says this is intolerant. But the two ideologies are incompatible. You cannot have statist domination AND individual freedom, so one must give. Individualism has been doing all the giving for the last 50 yrs or so. It's time for us to stand firm in our ideals & demand they give some.. the state never relinquishes power voluntarily. It must be taken.

I'm fine with letting people have differing views on philosophy, religion, & even personal preferences. But if their 'preferences' include taking my choices in life, they cross the line. Their call for 'tolerance' is a mask for oppression.

In america we can live with differing religious views.. we can live with differing views of state powers, too, as long as it follows the limits within the constitution, or is changed by the process we have in place. But the statists have been worming their changes in by stealth & deception, not open changes in amendments. They sing the virtues of tolerance, but do not listen to their own music. They vilify & demonize any opposition, not addressing the core issues, but deflecting with nazis & the klan.

Just about every debate or discussion i've had with a statist/leftist ends with either hitler or racism being drawn. Those are their trump cards.  It is most ironic that both nazis & the klan are statist systems needing strong state power to promote their agendas, but they ignore the irony.  Their calls for 'tolerance' are hypocritical smoke screens, to mask their own intolerance. They do not debate with reason & facts, but use deceptive tactics to generate an illusion. They are masters of propaganda.. truth or logic has no meaning to them, just how can things be spun to appear, in an emotional way. I have zero tolerance for these tactics, which i find despicable. I see their basic agenda is to deceive, not enlighten, so any sympathy i might have with their reasoning is lost with their scheming. If & when these tactics are employed, or when lies are presented as truth, or madness is portrayed as wisdom, i become very intolerant. I do not attack the person, but the ideals & tactics being presented are fair game, & i'll not mince words.

'Tolerance' is a way to disarm the opposition, if used correctly. Individualists & libertarians have been losing ground to the statists for years, all in the name of 'tolerance'. It is time to demand some tolerance from the state.. to be intolerant to their power grabs. They act like they take the high road, with their talk of tolerance, but it is a one way street.

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