Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Question for the Ages..

"There has never been but one question in all civilization-how to keep a few men from saying to many men: You work and earn bread and we will eat it." ~Abraham Lincoln

All of societal interaction.. governance, or anything regarding the human collective, seems to boil down to this Question for the Ages. Human beings seem to be divided between 2 basic philosophies or ideals:

1. Self sufficiency & independence.
2. Entitlement & dependence.

Those who are independent want freedom to reap the harvest of their own labors. Those who want dependency are willing to put up with less freedom, if they are taken care of. The basic philosophy is there, even if it is not clearly defined or stated. Left wing ideology is one of dependence. They look to someone else to provide their basic needs. 

The root of the ideology can be seen by the choices made in our lives. Those who look for easy money in the financial or govt sectors are different than those who pursue productive labor. A farmer creates a crop, useful to people everywhere, & is arguably the most important single industry of mankind. Bankers or govt workers look for others to support them, & purport to offer a useful service for those who are producing.

Our basic needs are few:
1. Sustenance (Food, water)
2. Protection (clothing, shelter, personal defense)

Anything beyond these things are luxuries for an affluent society. The independent work to provide these things for themselves & their families. The dependent look to the producers to provide it for them. 

Throughout the ages, almost every system of human governance was based on the collective working & providing for the governing elite. It did not matter if the system was based on the divine right of kings, or the might of a military dictator. The state used it's power to take from the producing workers & use it for themselves. Some of them used foreign conquest to placate the masses, & bring plunder home for them to share. But until 1776, every system of human governance centered around the many working to support the few.

The american system was a brief interlude in that pattern. Here, the governing few.. regular citizens, not an empowered elite.. were supposed to use their granted powers to protect the individual's rights.. to provide a society where the individual could work & earn a large share from their labors, instead of it being taken by the ruling elite. For nearly 200 yrs, that was the system in place, until the govt grew to the all consuming monster we see today. The granted powers are seen as entitled powers, & the rulers have conned us into working to support them.

For a society to prosper, those producing MUST outnumber the dependents. The expenses of society: govt, infrastructure, fire & police protection, any social services provided by the collective; if these are a small percentage of the income of the society, it can prosper. But, if these dependents grow & the percentage they take increases, eventually the producers cannot produce enough for everyone. A farmer cannot grow enough food for a growing population, if more people do not go into farming. A society cannot support a huge standing army or police force, if they do not produce enough to pay for them.

Probably the most misunderstood concept in the nation is that of production & dependency. Liberal ideology thinks money can be printed, or that there is an unlimited source of food, clothing, shelter, & other commodities to draw from. They think it is everyone's RIGHT to have these commodities. But how is it anyone's right to take what another has worked for? All they are doing is promoting the same scam that has been going on for time immemorial: "You work and earn bread and we will eat it."

That is why the growing dependency in america cannot continue. It is already beyond our ability to provide. The governing elite have just borrowed from future generations to keep the scam running, like a typical pyramid scheme. They are building a bubble with currency, conjuring it from thin air, rather than real production. This is unsustainable, & will eventually crash.

What is the solution? How can we avoid the repetition of history?
1. Demand fiscal responsibility from the elected officials. A balanced budget is essential.
2. Encourage people to pursue productive careers. Farming, manufacturing, building.. these are the foundation that ALL other sectors depend on. They MUST be the preferred, elevated career choices, rather than easy dependency money.
3. Value & esteem production, instead of entertainment & elitism. Rebel against the system, & stop giving the fruits of our labors to unproductive dependents. Clowns, minstrels, & court jesters should not be the richest people in a society.
4. Revolt. Overthrow those who are perverting the constitution.

It will take a change in the values of society, if we are to change the direction we are heading. If we continue the current path, there will be financial collapse first, then the rest of the institutions will follow, until the military force is the only one left.

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