Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Monday, February 9, 2015

Christianity & Jihad

Christianity is at the core of modern civilization. Any peace, harmony, tolerance, & individual liberty has come from the christian influence on the culture they rootede in.

Slavery, oppression, genocide, war... these are typical human activities, that have been typically practiced for all of human history. But the influence of christianity brought a new world view.. that of an orderly God.. a universe of Morality. Natural Law & a systematic quest for truth, rather than indoctrination found the christian world view at its center. Modern science was born with christian roots. Record keeping, education, hygiene, the scientific method.. christians were at the beginning & carried the torch of this new trend. Voodoo & witch doctory gave way to scientific evaluation. LAW was esteemed over individual mandate. The equality of man is rooted in christian ideology.

Christianity brought consideration, tolerance, & an elevation of respect for our fellow man. Any good in western culture has at it root christian principles that run contrary to the base nature of man.

Many other religions elevate this base nature. They either deny it, or they use it to rally the faithful to kill their enemies. Islam at its core is a war mongering ideology. They spread by conquest & force. It is antithetical to civilization, & takes us backwards to dark age practices & mindsets.

Christianity CHANGEs the culture it is in. It promotes tolerance, love, freedom, & justice.. the rule of LAW over human lordship. A cosmic watcher would conclude that the rise & spread of christianity was the best thing that ever happened to humanity. These changes are made slowly, as the 'salt' of individual christians permeates the culture. Violent, forceful intimidation by islam uses forced conformity to elicit change in the culture. All must 'submit' or die. That is the core of islam.. 'submission'. That is what 'islam' means.

The godless left & the intolerant jihadists are strange bedfellows, to be sure. I'm still trying to find the common ground that draws them together. The only thing i see is their common hatred for christianity. Their tactics are similar. They both use intolerance, bigotry, forced conformity, & indoctrination. Both of them are leading us back to the dark ages, squashing the holy curiosity of inquiry, & demanding compliance to mandates. Neither use logic, & both rely on fickle decrees.

The christian thread can be seen weaving its way through human history; mending lost souls, making a tapestry of healing in interpersonal interactions.. building bridges of hope & harmony that overcome the violent, brutal nature of man. The stupidest thing a culture could do is despise the positive influence that christianity has brought to this earth.

Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants. ~William Penn

The pop religion of the day tries to ridicule & diminish the contribution of christianity in modern culture. The base nature of man is elevated, & the correlation of decline in our society follows. A godless, secular society is not a prosperous successful one. Neither is one based on fear & forced compliance. Individual freedom is a gift of christianity.. you can see the rise of it through history, with a few setbacks from anti christian movements. And as the influence of christianity has waned, so has the return of human oppression, violence, & intolerance. American liberty is rooted in christian principles. If we abandon the latter, we will lose the former.

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