Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Heredity! Environment!

The beliefs about origins of man are at the root of ideology about race.  There are those who claim that behavioral differences in humans are based on genetics.  Others say they are all learned.  The only 'evidence' for differences in people is in cultural studies, where a false dichotomy is made in the cause & effect. One of the most basic tools of science is this:
'Correlation does not imply causation'.
Some correlate violence in black inner city ghettos to race, when it is culture. Mexican barrios have the same tendency toward crime & violence, as well as Pakistanis in London, Turks in Germany, & Vietnamese in San Diego. The common denominator is NOT RACE. It is culture. It is nanny state policies that create a breeding ground of irresponsible, fatherless thugs. THAT is the source of the violence, not race. Hard working, family centered black people live as responsible citizens in every nation of the world. They are not any more prone to violence or stupidity than any other race. The premise that this kind of behavior is genetic is based on false assumptions, junk science, & superstition.

ANY HUMANS, if you put them in state run ghettos, where values are broken down, & there is no accountability or responsibility for the people act the exact same way.

ANY HUMANS, if they are raised with core values of family, work ethic, & civilized socialization tend to be productive members of society. These obvious facts point to the exact cause of the problems: The welfare state. The source of the problem is cultural.

There is no 'gene' that promotes violence. People have been asserting that for a century or more. Humans are naturally violent, brutal beasts. Civilization, Law, morality, and religion are the means that we as a species have managed ourselves, so we can live among each other in relative peace. We have esteemed reason over brute force, even if we use brute force to impose our reason.

For this debate to go any further, we would have to dig deeper to the core differences in the views on origins, or the evolution of human behavior.. whether it is inherent or learned. It is the age old Pygmalion story.. 'My Fair Lady'.. 'Hoi Polloi'.  Is it heredity, or environment?  There is some of each in every human behavioral action, but there is not a difference, genetically, to make these kinds of  race centered conclusions. It is very ironic to me, that those who are the most fixed upon race have at their core beliefs the same opinion about human evolution. Both the liberal academian & the Aryan supremacist believe that humans have evolved from lower life forms, & are still evolving.  Both the black race baiters & the white supremacists agree, in their basic ideology about origins. That was the source of the eugenics movement, as well as the Nazi ideology. This ideology is at the root of the modern progressivism, as well.

To summarize: The central support for the claim of genetic differences is flawed science. There is NO evidence for a genetic tendency to violence. That is a learned, or cultural factor. Civilization, morality, & religion are the central factors in taming the human animal. ANYWHERE those factors are esteemed & valued by a society, a stable, healthy society is built. Anywhere these factors are scorned, the society suffers. Antisocial behaviors are learned, as well as civilized ones. If there is a natural tendency of man, it is to violence & brutality. That seems to be our core nature, that civilization tames.

I see little hope for a resolution of such basic differences in worldviews. With the indoctrination of junk science so rampant in our culture, it is no wonder that our view of man is so dark & hopeless. Generations of breeders in the ghetto are taught that they are mere beasts, accidents of nature, with no purpose for their existence. They are bred for crime, by the plantation owners, & have no basis for any sense of human dignity or equality. They are treated as progressive pets, & kept in the liberal zoos of inner city squalor. Rich, preppy whites are taught the same thing, except that they can see themselves as superior.. morally, intellectually, & culturally. But don't fool yourselves.. the same root ideology that is destroying the inner cities is at work destroying the whole nation. Morality, civilization, & religion are being smashed in favor of the naturalistic view of man as a cosmic accident, with no purpose or meaning for his life.

All of this has its root in origins. It makes a world of difference what you believe.

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