Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Monsters Among Us

For thousands of years, humanity has strived toward the basic principle of Natural Law: Each person has a right to their life, liberty, & property. That is Natural Law, in a nutshell. The most basic recognition of this Law is the right to life. You are a sovereign human being, & you have a sacred right to live. Your life is not subject to the whims of other people, who might wish you harm, for whatever reason. No one, regardless of how smart, rich, or powerful they are has the right to take away your basic right to live. We have developed Law & Justice as a deterrence to those who would harm us, & use our collective strength to defend the weak from the strong. There has always been evil in humanity. There are those among us who only wish to kill & destroy. They do it for profit, for fun, or some other twisted, antisocial reason. Responsible, thinking people have opposed them for millennia, promoting Natural Law & the sanctity of human life.

But now, the monsters have ascended to positions of power. They have systematically distorted Law to their own agendas, twisting justice into injustice, & attacking the very core of Law. They redefine life, morality, & try to obscure their evil deeds by moral relativism. Lately, we have seen the face of evil in the planned parenthood videos. Horrible people glibly chat about killing babies, picking over their bones like hyenas. Callously indifferent to the suffering & murder of these innocents, the monsters only joke about the money they will make off of the organs from these murdered children. These are criminals.. vicious animals who only kill & destroy.

But they are not alone. They have co-conspirators in their treachery. For over 50 yrs their propagandists have carried the water for them, enabling them through the distortion of Law, the perversion of Justice, & the corruption of morality. They have done it all through public funds. No civilized, thinking person would contribute money to promote or defend these inhumane practices, so they tap into the public treasury, infiltrating positions of influence to promote their agenda. All the major institutions.. govt, media, academia, entertainment.. ALL of them have been complicit with the destruction of the family & the murder of innocent life. Hitler is condemned for killing millions of jews. We have multiplied his crimes, & made a public institution of it.

It is quite simple. The womb is a place for a new human to grow & develop, depending on the birth mother for nutrients & protection. This amazing phenomena is plainly obvious, but many disagree about it's significance. Some seem to think that because the womb is providing these services, the owner of the womb has to right to terminate the life of the 'boarder'. My contention is that the mammalian status of the nurturer does not give them the right to terminate the new human's existence, for any reason but self defense. Being a mammal is fraught with inconveniences, but also has percs. We have to live with our specie-ial make up. That is the way we procreate.

We all agree about the dependency of the unborn child but there is disagreement about the correlation of the new human's rights in this dependency. Some seem to think that because the host mother is the sole provider of nutrition & protection, she should have the right to terminate the life of the new human developing inside her. I maintain that the new human has rights, which should NOT be negated for the convenience or 'choice' of the host mother. The child is still COMPLETELY dependent, before & after birth. The only difference is the birth mother is the only one who can do it before birth. Why should that simple fact nullify the new human's right to life? Why is he unprotected as a person one minute before birth, but is a protected person 1 minute after birth?

Civilized, enlightened societies try to protect the weak from the strong, & our degeneration as a society reflects our values of human life. I have fully embraced the decline of our culture, & accept the indicators of our decline. This is one of many, & spells the end of civilization in America, as it has in other post moral societies. Killing unborn babies is now acceptable, & has become mainstream. I fought it for many years, in the 70s & into the 80s, but the barbarism of America continues to grow, as other indicators also illustrate. I see abortion as a dehumanizing criminal act, racist in its origins in America, & part of the socially engineered destruction of the family. I have hoped for a return to morality & civility, but i do not see it, or expect it anymore. We are a lost society, with no moral anchor for our culture. Like others before us, we will fade into the anonymity of history. But it is very sad that a once moral people, who valued freedom, built a working system of self rule, & extolled the virtues of human liberty, are now complicit with the destroyers of life & liberty.

We cannot escape the bloodguilt of the innocent, murdered for profit & convenience by evil monsters among us. But our complicity & silence will not be overlooked. The cry of innocent blood calls out from the land, & we can only hang our heads in shame, holding out bloodstained hands. How can a moral people stand idly by while millions of innocents are murdered? Do you think our feigned helplessness will atone for our crimes? No, we have been complicit by our silence, by our taxes, by our turning a blind eye toward the evil in our midst. If we cannot or will not fight the monsters among us, how can we escape the judgment of God? Sodom & Gomorrah were amateurs. Dachau & Auschwitz were wannabes, compared to the human destruction from the American abortion industry. Pol Pot, Stalin, & Mao were rank amateurs. We in America have made murder into a respectable profession. It is big business, yet still subsidized by the taxpayers. This only confirms our own guilt in this bloody war on the unborn.

Where is the indignation over this injustice? Where are the defenders of human life? Why are those charged with providing justice for our nation complicit with the murderers & criminals among us?

America. Once a champion of natural law, & the sanctity of human life, now has fallen to the dredges of humanity, complicit with the unjust murder of millions of innocent people. This is not my America. This is not my heritage, to kill & destroy life. How can a civilized, thinking people fall to such depravity? How can we think that there will be no repercussions from the universe over this crime against life?

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