Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mo Money

Money is a man made commodity. It is nothing but a symbol of value.. a representation of the goods or services offered in exchange for other goods or services. So Man, whether in positions of govt power or not, has the ability to 'create' this symbol. The true wealth is the goods or services provided by human labor.

This System of money has evolved in the human animal over thousands of years. It is a better solution for storing & carrying the wealth we have created than the items themselves. The problem lies in the nature of the storage unit. It lends itself to corruption & manipulation by unscrupulous charlatans. Money has ALWAYS been counterfeited by crooks & scoundrels. Whatever the storage unit, it has been faked. And the problem becomes exponentially worse when the ISSUER of the currency/money is complicit in the faking. This is what has happened with the American dollar. It was once a stable currency, with the full force & confidence of the American System of government. But thieves & scoundrels have infiltrated this system, & manipulated the currency for their own enrichment & their cronies. They have, in essence, counterfeited the dollar. By printing more than the value it represents, they dilute the real value of the dollar, which causes inflation. But all that does is steal from those who own these symbols of wealth, by behind the scenes meddling with the currency. Instead of providing a stable, consistent, reliable symbol of American wealth & production, they print out billions of paper symbols with nothing but reputation & nostalgia to back them. It is like a ponzi scheme.. a bubble of their own creation that will burst at some time, if drastic steps are not taken to bring stability & security to this global currency.

Debt itself is not a major problem. Absurd, astronomical debt is obviously a problem, when the ability to pay it off becomes untenable. Govt induced debt, filled with corruption, redistribution, & cloward-piven strategies of overload, use the system of money to accomplish their dirty deeds.

This, IMO, is not a flaw of the system.. it is the Nature of Man. When the citizens of a nation of self rule do not keep a watchful eye on the administrators of the collective organizational system, it is too easy for unscrupulous scoundrels to weasel their way into positions of power & use it to enrich themselves & their cronies. Bankers & other money related industries are too happy to go along with the corrupting practices, as long as they can work the system too.

I don't know of a better way to prevent abuses of public currency management except a system of checks & balances, like the American Experiment. But even it has become corrupted, as charlatans have taken over EVERY phase of the system. There are no watchdogs to warn of these subtle, behind the scenes meddlings. And the currency is a critical part of any society. EVERYONE is affected by the currency manipulations. Those on the inside, with connections to the power mongers, can profit from monetary policy. But everyone else loses. It has become a corrupt system of looting the working man.. stealing his labors with invisible, behind the scenes juggling of the money supply.

When a currency is stable, those who create things become wealthy. Interest rates are moderate, & provide capital for investment. Nobody gets rich by shuffling money around. A successful business MAKES something, or provides a useful service. But when a currency is inflated & unstable, the creators of wealth are robbed by the issuers of the currency.  A cursory check of our current system shows that money shufflers are the ones getting rich, now. Most people getting 'rich' now have not created anything, but merely expanded their money stores by shuffling it around.. speculation.. insider trading.. political maneuvering. The farmers, builders, manufacturers, & workers who actually CREATE something are slowly being fleeced by the diluting process of monetary policy.

Wall street loves this. Money shufflers have exploited the system for nearly a century, now, to get rich without doing any productive work. Govt insiders love it too. They do not call politics 'the revolving door to riches' for nothing. It is a method of getting rich by fleecing the producers, the favorite tactic of thieves & scoundrels for all time. They do no work themselves, but merely TAKE from those who have. What is most insidious about them is their pretense of being 'public servants'. They act like they ache with compassion for the plight of the working man, while they rob him blind of what he has worked for. They are not even honest thieves.

Solutions? It will not be easy, or pretty. JUSTICE will have to be applied to deter thievery.

1. Strict & swift penalties for public corruption.. confiscation of property, capital punishment, labor camps, guillotines.. something negative that will deter corruption in the public administration.
2. Management & administration of the currency by ELECTED officials, held accountable by other ELECTED officials in an open, transparent forum. End the FED. Remove the management of the American currency from special interests & private bankers.
3. Link the money supply to actual production. Formulas can be calculated to determine the proper amount of money to 'create', based on the actual production of the nation. Voodoo economics & subjective opinions or ideology are removed, when the currency is tied to real numbers.
4. Phase out the old, & establish the new. The old dollar has been ruined & corrupted by the FED & those managing it. Let the Congress mint a stable currency, as they have been charged to do by the constitution. The old FED issued one can be phased out, & has become less viable & useful as a national currency. A lot of money shufflers will be screwed by this change, but they were complicit in the corruption of the dollar so they should bear the brunt of the collapse. The working, TAX PAYING American citizen should be given priority in the initial exchange of old to new dollars, then the banks, investors, foreign nationals, & anyone else who has profited from the manipulations of the dollar.

IMO, with the fundamentals of the currency in such shambles, it will not matter who is elected as president. Pick your poison. We are in a downward death spiral, & putting a new pilot in the cockpit will not make a difference. Unless & until we can make DRASTIC changes to monetary policy, & return the management of the currency to elected officials who have some accountability to the public trust, the plunder of the treasury & the working man will continue.

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