Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Friday, February 17, 2012

List of countries us military should get out of

My list is easy & non prejudicial.

1. All of them.

We don't need to occupy any countries. There is no mandate in our constitution that allows or compels the president to send troops or military intimidation to every or any area on earth. We can have allies. We can dock our ships in friendly ports, & pal around with our buddies there. We can send some troops on joint training exercises with other allies.. but we don't need the expense or have the constitutional justification to allow any administration to send the US military, which is funded by the taxpayers & is subject to the laws & constitution of the US, to conflicts where the congress has not declared war.

We are a free people. We promote freedom & liberty. We encourage & cheer for other people who yearn for freedom. But we cannot go to war with every 'bad guy' that comes into power. We can be civil with the leaders in the diplomatic arena, & if any become hostile or posture aggression toward us, we can return the favor. But few bad guys would want to mess with us, if we were civil & open to mutually beneficial trade. Our foreign policy is filled with aggression on our part, funding tyrants, defending business interests, oppressing the people of another country. How can we blame them if they see us as the tyrant? We have been partners in their oppression.

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