Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Class warfare

I think the class warfare ruse is that.. a ruse. It has no basis in fact. The poor do not pay any fed. income taxes, & get back more than they had withheld, in most cases. I heard a dem politician ranting about some company in wisconsin that he alleged paid no taxes. But when looked into, the company paid over $1m in taxes in WI, & millions more in other states, plus federal taxes. We have a high corporate tax.. some think it causes companies to leave the country.  But politicians like to lie & distort things to get themselves elected.

50% of americans pay no federal income tax. they either have a zero balance, or get money back in credits. That leaves the taxable middle class & the rich who pay ALL the federal taxes. Is this fair? The 'rich don't pay their fair share' is a bogus claim to incite class warfare & is done for political purposes.. to get people to fear the evil rich & vote democratic. But it is not based on truth or any reality, just fear mongering.

The whole rich vs poor tax debate is a political ruse to excite voters & rile up the base. It is a distortion & a deception of people for political purposes.

Now, if we're debating why GE got some juicy tax breaks, & just happened to be a big contributor to obama, then you're talking about tax reform & closing loopholes.. and maybe some corruption. Or if you want to mention GM & their big tax subsidy so the unions could get their money, i will agree about the injustices in the tax codes toward corporations like this.

I'd probably agree with the injustice of the special treatment for BofA, chase, wells fargo, etc.. why should they get cheap loans from the taxpayers to buy up their competition during a financial bubble?

Or if you want to talk about the corruption in govt where grants are given to shady companies & lose billions of taxpayer dollars to cronies & major contributors of the winners of big elections, i'd be for that, too.

But the lame, general accusation that 'the rich aren't paying their fare share!' is bogus. It's a leftist bumper sticker slogan, or a sign for the occupy wall street protesters.

Our real problem is corruption in govt, & corrupt politicians. They are bankrupting the nation, wasting our tax dollars, & ruining the currency. They should be the target of our wrath, not some vague 'evil corporations'. Those are merely distractions from the real issues.

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