Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obama: The Great Divider

Politicians always tend to promote their own ideals & try to diminish the opposition. But i don't remember a president being as divisive to the country as Obama has been. In just the last few months, he's promoted:

1. War on women. He takes a public debate about publicly funded contraception, & uses it to divide us. He distorts the opposition's views, to try to frighten people to vote for him.

2. Immigration. Instead of looking for a bipartisan way to solve the problems, he politicizes it, just to appeal to hispanic voters, who he thinks will vote as a bloc for him if he makes a good show. Of course, he tramples on the constitution in the process, taking an action even he admitted was illegal for him to do. But solving the problem & working for solutions do not seem to be his priority, only dividing to try & win an election. His job is to enforce the law, not rule by edict for political posturing.

3. Gay marriage. His ideas 'evolved' in this, which is fine. But to condemn others with an alternate view seems a bit hypocritical. If he was a uniter, he would help 'evolve' their views as well, or work on a solution agreeable to all parties. Again, it seems like it was 'gay week' for him & this was just a political pandering ploy.

4. The evil rich. He knows that even if we took all the income from the 1%, it would not make a dent in the budget or the deficit. But this does not stop him from fanning the flames of economic division.. or class warfare. He has been harping on this the most.. trying to appeal to the ows crowd & to breed a sense of victimhood.. we are being oppressed by rich people. Again, no attempt at fixing loopholes in the tax code, which his team created for many of his contributors, but demonizing for political purposes. His political cronies want the current tax code with all the loopholes that favor them. He can make a show of righteous indignation, without actually doing anything to fix things. It's just a slick politician pandering for votes.

When Obama ran in '08, he claimed he would reach accross the aisle, promote healing & work in a bipartisan fashion. But he has been the most partisan president i can remember. He divides urban & rural americans with his 'cling to guns & god' comments. He panders to whatever group he speaks with, trying to make them think he's on their side.. he called for the hispanics to 'attack their enemies', & 'if they bring a knife, we'll bring a gun'.

There are always ideological differences, but we work together & try to arrive at a consensus.. a compromise that all can live with, even if no one 'wins'. But Obama only wants to win. He does not compromise. He had the house & senate for the first 2 yrs of his rule, & got his stimulus & healthcare jammed through, even though no one got to read it, & it was not opened up to public debate. Why did he not work on the dream act then? Why no gay marriage provision when he had the votes?

This culture of division has been building for many years. People look for inflammatory things in the news to promote that division. Someone a few months back posted a bogus restaurant check where some banker allegedly stiffed a waitress & posted an insulting comment. It was fabricated, but was all over the net, attempting to divide the wealthy from the oppressed proletariat. The martin/zimmerman tragedy is another.. many people were intent on politicizing it & distorted the facts early on to promote racial dissension. The Giffords assassination attempt is another.. taking a tragic event & distorting the facts to promote a political agenda & smear opponents. There are constant reminders of ideological division in social media, the news, & comedians. Our society is becoming more & more polarized.. instead of looking for the best solutions for any problem that arises, the source of the solution is considered first. If someone on one side suggests something, the other will immediately dismiss it as 'partisan'.

I don't see Obama as the cause of all this, but he is a symptom. He has certainly not tried to heal or unite, but divide & conquer even more. We do not need 4 more years of this kind of division & partisan gamesmanship.  We need real solutions, not politicians campaigning for office.

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