Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Leftist Lies

Perhaps the most effective & favorite tactic from the left is distorting conservative positions. They take an issue & distort the motives or reasoning to smear their opponents. They repeat the lie over & over, a proven propaganda tactic, & promote their cause, not through open, logical discussion, but by seizing the narrative & using falsehoods to define their opponents.  Here are a few examples:

1. The tea party is racist.
2. Conservatives hate women.
3. Securing the border is racist.
4. Fox news lies.
5. Obama is a fiscal conservative.
6. Reduced govt advocates want anarchy.
7. Conservatives are greedy corporate shills.
8. Conservatives are war mongers.
9. Gun owners are stupid, racist rednecks.
10. Welfare reform is racist & hateful.
11. Conservatives want to ban books, teach the bible, & hate education.
12. Conservatives hate unions & want to exploit workers.
13. All conservatives hate gays & birth control.
14. Those who disagree with Obama are racists.
15. Conservatives are stupid with low iq's.
16. Conservatives want children, the elderly & the poor to die.

There are more, but this gives the idea. The central message is that conservatives are haters. That is a commonly used term to describe their opposition: The haters. 'Racist' is also used a lot, but still falls under 'the haters' smear. There is no addressing any points of reason, but just insults & smears.

I'll briefly address each of these.

1. No tea party person i know is racist. There are many multicultural people involved, both on the local & national scale. The tea party is primarily a single issue movement: Stop the spending. They are opposed to the out of control spending & deficits the govt has been doing over the years.
2. Many conservatives ARE women. The smear is absurd, and assumes that women cannot have divergent views, but all must believe in the leftist ideology.
3. Every nation in the world has immigration policy & laws. America has more immigrants than any nation in history, so we are not opposed to immigration, just open borders.
4. All media outlets promote a bias. A wise person has a variety of sources they get their information from.
5. Obama is the biggest spender in us history. This one is so overt it seems ridiculous. But many on the left promote this distortion.
6. Wanting a more conservative govt.. with less intrusion & less nanny state policy is not anarchy.
7. Wanting a fair tax system & reasonable business regulations is a noble goal. Americans want fairness for all, not discrimination against any class. We are the land of opportunity, & redistribution policies kill opportunity, as they punish those who succeed.
8. There may be some people who want the us to be a world policeman, but many conservatives do not like the cost or the meddling in other soverign nation's affairs.
9. The 2nd amendment is a constitutional right for all americans.
10. The welfare state has bred dependency & promoted crime & corruption. It is more compassionate to want reform, rather than continuing to waste money on programs that do not work, & trap people in a life of dependency.
11. This is an attempt to smear all conservatives as religious wackos.. most religious conservatives do not want this.
12. Most people see the value of unions, especially historically. We can also see the problems of corruption & overreach that some unions have had. The balance of power between unions & business has swung too far toward the unions, & we have lost manufacturing & balance because of inflexibility in many unions.
13. Most conservatives don't care about sexual preference, race, religion, or other diversity. The left tries to promote division to evade discussing real issues.
14. People disagree with each other's politics. This is no indication of racism.
15. This is just a broad brush smear.. obviously there are intelligent people & stupid people in all ideological spectrums.
16. Wanting a debate about entitlements & welfare is not hate. It is fiscally responsible.

I know we can get into more detail for each one of these, but a thorough refutation of all these points is not the purpose of this post, but an overview of the tactic.

Does this mean all left leaning people are liars & hypocrites? No, i don't think so. Some truly believe the distortions, and are afraid of the evil conservatives. There are many uncritical thinkers, who are easily manipulated by the propagandists, & are mere dupes in the leftist propaganda machine. When mobilized, they can be a powerful force for the left. They are sincere crusaders, & see themselves in a holy war against bigotry & stupidity. They do not realize they are caught in a lie & are mere pawns manipulated by professional propagandists.

Propaganda like this IS effective, though, so the left will continue to use it. Truth & reason are the only means to combat lies & distortions, but the culture is changing so that truth & reason are lost in a muddy mass of confusing points & counter points, all meant to continue the left's control of the narrative & let them define conservative views.

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