Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tea Party vs Occupy Wall Street

The tp says, 'don't tax me', or 'don't tread on me', or 'we're unarmed.. this time'. Ows says, 'where's my free stuff?', 'pay off my student loans', 'down with the capitalist pigs'. The tp did not care which party you were with.. if you were a big govt spender, they protested (and voted) against you. Ows seems to be an arm of the union & the democratic party.. maybe they weren't originally, but they have become that, now. The left is very fond of hijacking other movements & morphing it into their own.. environmentalism, civil rights, etc.  But they don't merge for ideology, only to get the numbers. To defeat the evil capitalists, they need a broad coalition, & they try to convince all other movements that they (the left) really wants what they want, too.

Occupy Wall Street actively campaigns for dems, attacks republicans, & just coincidentally are on the left on every issue. You did not see that with the tp. The tp scared the crap out of republicans, too.  They voted the spenders out as fast as they could, & didn't care what party they were in. I'm sure we'll see more of the same this next election.

I also think the charge that the tp is corporate backed is bogus. The corporations are just as scared of the tp as the rinos (republican in name only). Most of the people that went to tp rallies, & most that i know are regular working people that have had enough of wasteful govt spending, & the trend to a nanny state. No one paid them to go to these rallies.. they took off work, made their own signs, & demanded the madness stop. I'm sure this is true for some of the ows people, but if you watch their rallies/protests, you see a lot more organization.. someone feeds & manages the movements of the ows crowd. They were in tents for weeks all over the country. These were not working people taking some vacation time to do their civic duty. You have the big unions & big pacs & the democratic party working closely with ows, providing food, jail bail & legal expenses, signs, t-shirts, etc. Many republican parties tried to cozy up to the tp in it's early stages, only to be rebuffed as 'big spenders' & part of the problem. The tp is more of a single issue movement.. stop the spending. Ows is all over the place, & is barking up the wrong tree, in the basics. Those who do try to 'speak' for ows convey a muddled, inconsistent message.. ramblings about the evils of capitalism & economic unfairness.. the usual radical socialist talking points. So it is hard to take them seriously, even though they have managed to dupe a lot of people to succumb to their ruse.

And if anything the 'corporate' main stream media seems to support & promote ows at every opportunity. They actively compaign for obama & any leftist politician, & all leftist causes. Corporate cronies got the spoils from the obama victory.. GE, GM, solyndra, etc.. and they are glad to have the ows vilify all the evil capitalists so they can keep on draining the treasury. But the people are waking up, & we're onto you. We many miss a few shysters here & there, but we're going to be a lot more critical in our voting.. at least i hope we do. The leftist propaganda machine is pretty powerful, & sifting through their lies & distortions isn't easy.

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