Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Friday, November 16, 2012

Making babies for fun & profit

Are you a third world woman of child bearing age?

Are you uneducated, poor, & have no marketable skills?

Would you like to have plenty of money, have your choice of men, & live like a princess?

Then you should read this, or have someone read it to you.

Don't pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity! You can live the life of your dreams, wear designer clothes, have a nice home, cars, & have men wanting to meet you!

All you need to do is come to America! Here, you'll get all this & more!

What would you pay for this opportunity? $10,000? $5,000? Well, the truth is, it won't cost you a penny. In fact, if you can have babies, you can have all the luxuries you've ever dreamed of, & america will pay YOU! That's right! Get yourself to america somehow.. visit a friend.. cross the border.. have someone take you, & once you have a baby, you're set for life! The more you have, the more you make.

Now you may think, 'I don't know, raising children is a lot of work'. But in america, you don't have to raise them. No! You can drop them off at the government paid baby sitting establishments, which are everywhere. That way you are free to make more babies, or party, or shop, or do the things YOU want to do!

Everything you ever dreamed of.. nice clothes, a home, a cell phone, food, & attentive men are yours if you can get yourself to america. Don't wait any longer! Make your plans, now! Once you're pregnant, go to any hospital. You don't even have to speak english. Just go in, & begin to receive the benefits you deserve. Soon you'll have money coming in, a home of your own, plenty of food to eat, & all you did was get pregnant! It's fun! It's easy! It's the most natural thing in the world, & YOU can do it!

I'm thinking of sending this to the state department, to print up & drop around the world.. why should only the neighboring poor have this opportunity? It's not fair for other 3rd world women to be discriminated against & not allowed to share in this benefit. Perhaps we should even start a transportation service for women in these other places. I'm sure there are young women in africa, china, and even europe that would love the opportunity.

ps.  This is a satirical commentary on american policies of promoting irresponsible childbirth.  I am not serious.

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