Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Leftist strategy

This is very interesting.. i just intercepted this message.. it is some kind of strategy paper.. anyway, here is the text:

Comrades. As we battle together against our common enemy, the capitalistic pigs, we must use every resource to win. When you engage the evil dogs, you must not get drawn into their conversations, but look for ways to take control of the discussion & expose them for the evil scum they are. As a reminder, here are a few proven methods the party heads have approved for our use.

1. Look for hot button diversions. Don't discuss things in the manner THEY want, take control of the conversation. If they start setting up logical arguments, don't answer them! Instead, change the subject. Make a comment about their mental health, or suggest they are racists or discredit their intelligence. You will know by their reaction which works the best. If they get enraged about your response, you know you have hit a hot button. Keep working that angle until they leave in frustration.

2. Always use insults. It does not matter how polite they are, or how sensitive you naturally are. You must continue to attack if we are to defeat the evil capitalists & see our Cause gain supremacy. Be rude & insensitive. You cannot over do it. This will cause insecurity in the younger ones, & the older ones will be frustrated from continuing any arguments. If you can, use vulgar language & slurs.

3. Ridicule is always one of the best methods when dealing with enemy resistance. You don't have to know anything about the subject, just make fun of their arguments.. laugh & generalize about how no one thinks that way, or say how any intelligent person knows better.

These 3 strategies are proven effective when dealing with the hated oppressors. Do not let yourself become engaged in a dialog with them. Remember, they are evil deceivers! We need you to be strong & stay with the Party's directives, not be shaken by the confusing reasoning of the capitalist pigs. So rather than try to reason with them, it is more effective if you use one or all of these methods. When the revolution is over, you can take your rightful place as a division head over these counter revolutionaries, & they will recognize your superiority, then. But until then, we need you to show solidarity with the rest of your comrades who are waging this righteous struggle for humanity.

Disclaimer:  This is not real.. i made it up.  duh..

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