Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Life is Impossible, yet here we are

I find several truths to be very disturbing.

1. Life is impossible. The universe is hard, cold, & uninhabitable by living things, as we know them. Yet in the midst of it, a planet formed that had a delicate balance to allow conditions for life. But that is not enough. Somehow, living things filled the earth. Varieties that our minds cannot imagine populate the planet. But we don't stop there, either. Not only is this life impossible.. we cannot define it, or see how, where, or why it is here. With all of man's knowledge, he cannot create a gnat.. or even an amoeba. Life surrounds us, yet we don't know what it is, or how it came to be. We speculate. We come up with all kinds of hare brained 'theories' of how & even why, but we don't really know.

2. The universe is impossible. A purely naturalistic explanation of the universe seems more absurd to me every day. The universe would have dissipated any matter eons ago.. billions times billions of years would have expanded the universe into distant nothingness, all stars burnt out, & life would be impossible. How could this matter appear, in a universe devoid of anything? How & why would electrical impulses arrange themselves into different compounds, adhere to some unseen natural laws, & produce a universe of order? We can barely define matter, can't replicate it, & have no clue how or why it is here.

3. That we can ponder such abstract concepts is amazing. How can there be this ability? We have the capacity to ponder abstract thoughts of eternity, infinity, & other dimensions. With all our technological prowess, we cannot create matter. We cannot create life. We cannot really grasp infinity or eternity. And some among us claim insight into other unseen dimensions. We can't even grasp empirical reality, yet some people add a metaphysical reality, too! .. and not just a few crackpots or loons.. millions of people throughout history have claimed some kind of supernatural experience. Naturalism cannot explain this. Naturalism cannot really explain anything. It is an absurd attempt to blend science & philosophy, promoting atheistic explanations to things that cannot be explained. They dogmatically declare that only the visible is possible. But how? The universe is much too vast, complex, & impossible to try to explain it in purely naturalistic terms.

4. There are 2 disturbing & terrifying possibilities:

We are alone in the universe.
We are not.

Neither of these brings any comfort. Neither of these gives us an explanation as to how or why we are here.

5. God is impossible. How can there be a all wise, omnipresent, omniprescient, eternal, all powerful Being? How can there be a spirit world, with incorporeal beings living with consciousness, apart from matter & time? How & why can anything exist apart from our visible reality?

Yet with all these impossible things, here we are. We exist for a short time on this earth, trapped in space & time. We don't know what we are, or how we came to be, or why. As thinking entities, we still have no consensus on these questions. We speculate about God & the spirit world, but we don't really know. Life is too mysterious & fantastic to draw any conclusions. It is unbelievable, impossible, & beyond our grasp, but here we are in the midst of it.

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