Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Spiritual Awakenings, Part 2

WW2 was, IMO, the pinnacle of enlightenment thinking. The concepts of the scientific method, technology, human equality, & Natural Law were in sharp contrast to the axis views of power, elitism, & racial superiority. Post WW2 church attendance was very high, & the baby boomers were the result. Strong religious views & family values are connected. But by the 60s, the trend began going the other way.

In 1950, 2% of people said 'none' for religious preference in the gallup poll. By 2010, this had grown to 16%. I'm sure it is higher, now. Why is this? Has science proven that there is no god? Why has atheism exploded in western culture? I see one central reason:  Indoctrination

IMO, atheists are made, not born. Years of indoctrination from the naturalistic, atheistic, secular humanist educational system, complicit with the media, entertainment, sesame street, national parks, & nearly EVERY worldly institution have convinced young people from an early age that belief in God is quaint & outdated. Science has proved that religion is all a myth, they assert, & the naturalistic view of the universe has become the default western view. Years of affluence & opulence have removed the sense of fear & dependency on nature for survival. Beginning in the late 60s, the super-naturalistic view of the universe has steadily declined. This is not because of any scientific discoveries, or proof of naturalistic origins, but is mere indoctrination & removal of any competition in the educational system. Evolution is no more a proven fact than it was in the mid 19th century. In fact, the discovery of dna & the science of genetics has dealt the 'theory' a severe blow. But the indoctrinaires have not been deterred, & not only has evolution been allowed to be taught since 1925, it is now the ONLY allowed theory, as creation is forbidden as being 'religious'.

And as the spiritual beliefs of people in the west have declined, so has the expansion of socialism & marxism. People no longer look to God for their direction, provision, & wisdom for life's problems, but to the state. It has become the new god, & the alter of statism has become the new place of worship.

It seems to me that the growth of socialism/Marxism EXACTLY parallels the growth of atheism in the west. Marx believed that religion was the 'opiate of the masses', & had to be eliminated. Atheism was the necessary ideological basis for Marx's brand of collectivism to flourish. And in those places where atheism flourishes, Marxism is the dominant ideology. In the 50s, America was at war with the 'godless commies'. But now, godless Marxism has become mainstream in American politics. Admitted socialists are valid candidates for president. Anarchic Marxists openly protest & commit violent, anarchist acts in the streets, under racial cover.

If you look at this world map, it is hard to not see the correlation between atheism & the embrace of Marxist ideology.

And it is also plain to see that in places where state indoctrination is high, so is the perception of atheism. And of course, this has no bearing on reality. Atheism is no more a proven fact than theism, from empirical evidence. The mysteries of life, origins, & the universe have no scientific explanation, but only philosophical ones, either by naturalistic or supernatural assumptions. So these percentages do NOT indicate a presentation of Truth, but only successful indoctrination by the propaganda of statism. Reason & enlightenment have not compelled these beliefs, but state sponsored, ideologically driven propaganda.

Is there another 'awakening' on the horizon? I don't know. But without a spiritual revival, & a return to enlightenment values of Natural Law, freedom, & human equality, western civilization is finished. The other competing world views are both based in elitism, power, & control. Both Islamism & Progressive leftism will destroy the basis for western civilization, & return us to the dark ages.

To wrap up this article, i challenge the reader to consider the source of their beliefs. Is it based on personally acquired knowledge, or from sources with an agenda? The universe is vast & mysterious. Don't limit your perceptions with dogma from propagandists. Wake up! Don't be driven underground by a bullying ideology that tries to trivialize & ridicule any alternate beliefs. Seek the truth, & don't let anyone deter you from that noble quest.

You shall know the Truth, & the Truth shall make you free.

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