Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Anti American Protests

Why don't we get a clue? Some countries just don't want america meddling in their affairs. Why don't we leave them in peace.. or however they want it? We can have trade agreements, make treaties, and the usual things sovereign nations do with each other. But we need to stop funding these despotic govts, stop bombing & meddling with their internal affairs, & stop lording it over other nations.

Right now there are choreographed protests going on. They are protesting the us involvement all over the mid east. We can support our allies without having bases in every other country in the mid east.

While we're at it, why not get out of all asian countries, & european ones, & s. american ones, too? We can't even take care of our own house.. the debt is staggering, the country divided, the economy stagnant. Who are we to tell other countries what to do?

I think the movie clip thing is pretty lame. The state dept has no business commenting on some stunt a private citizen does, nor apologizing for our first amendment.  Plenty of stupid, inflammatory things are said every day about any religion or group on the internet. We should not have to apologize for their intolerance. We have freedom of expression in our world. They will have to accept that, or weary themselves trying to kill us all.

I haven't seen the clip, nor do i care to. There are plenty of bigoted, bad taste videos, pics, & jokes around, & i don't buy this instigated the concerted attack 6 mos later, coincidentally on 9/11.

What if we just got out of the way of all the muslim haters? Pull our state dept personnel, close down the military bases, end the foreign aid, & just treated them like any other country. If they want to trade with us, fine, we can come to an agreement. But we are not their protector, or nanny, or some dictator's invisible prop. If they come after us & want to start a fight, we can give it then. But we are there picking the fight with them. We are the provokers, here, & we need to get out.

It seems to me that most of the left, almost all libertarians, & many conservatives are tired of the 'american meddling', masquerading as 'foreign affairs'. If there is one thing that we could pressure our reps to do, it should be to cut back our military presence around the world, & save us lots of money. How easy is this? We don't really have any business there.. we're not exploiting them & stealing their oil, nor helping them. We prop up oppressive dictators, & breed hatred & resentment. We kill innocent people, & bomb villages. This policy does not reflect the feelings of americans, why should we allow our govt to misrepresent us like this? Treat other nations with respect & tolerance, negotiate fair trade agreements, & leave them alone. This is not manifest destiny. We are in the 21st century, & need to back off.

We can model freedom. We can encourage it. But i don't think it is OUR national duty to free the entire world. When the politicians use that concept to justify intervention, we often find out there was a hidden agenda. The american taxpayers should not be financially responsible to provide freedom or justice for the world. Let the world & immediate neighbors take care of that. If freedom loving americans want to become freedom fighters, or give money to free some oppressed people, they should be able to do that. But the govt as a whole should not be involved in making arbitrary decisions about whether another country is as free as we think it should be, or if the rulers there suit us, or any artificial measurement. We should treat other nations with dignity & respect, & if they treat us the same, we're fine. If another country's citizens revolt against their govt, we can cheer for democracy, but picking winners & losers can be a tricky process. Politicians are too easily fooled & end up supporting just another oppressor.

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