Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Monday, September 3, 2012

Stamp out Poverty!

The basic goal of the Federal welfare state in the us, from the 60's, was to 'stamp out poverty'. This is a good rallying cry, but it's intent followed along these lines:

1. Give people a hand up, to improve their lives.
2. Provide a safety net when adversity strikes.
3. Reduce poverty & move the poor into useful, productive lives.

These goals were based upon premises:
1. No one should go hungry.
2. Everyone deserves a home.
3. Everyone deserves healthcare.

So programs from the federal govt began to grow, targeting these issues. There were commodities programs, but too much got wasted, so it evolved into food stamps. There were public housing projects & health clinics. In essence, it was an attempt to provide the basic necessities of life to people for free. It was not intended to be a lifestyle, but a short term 'safety net', until the party could get back on their feet.

Now let's look at the results.
1. Has poverty declined? No, it is more than ever.
2. Are the poor moving into productive work? No, they stagnate in pockets of poverty & dependency.

And there are other negative consequences of this 'war'.
1. The poor are herded into ethnic ghettos.. almost like concentration camps.. gulags trapping generations in a life of poverty & hopelessness.
2. The 'welfare communities' become a breeding ground for crime. Young people are not motivated to provide for themselves or their families, but are pushed to criminal behavior.
3. The welfare communities promote irresponsible breeding, adding to the problem of over population.
4. They contribute to the breakdown of the family, & erode the family values of the culture, encouraging births out of wedlock, & fatherless families.
5. They remove the natural motivation & drive that people have to better their lives & their children's.
6. They take away people's self respect & sense of dignity.
7. They promote a sense of entitlement, with more & more people expecting all the necessities of life to be provided for free.
8. They promote racism by handicapping by race, & grouping the poor into ethnic communities.
9. They promote dependency, not self sufficiency.
10. They promote poor quality schools, where the 3 r's become, 'Robbery, Rape, & Racism'.
11. Hopelessness & despair breed chemical addiction. Society is burdened even more dealing with the consequences of drug & alcohol excesses.

This list could go on. It is not a worthy goal of a free people. The welfare state programs have not accomplished their intended goals. We have had over 50 years of attempting this experiment, & have only proved that welfare at the federal level does not work. It only institutionalizes poverty, making it into a govt business, wasting the taxpayer's money, & trapping people in a life of dependency.

It was motivated by pie in the sky utopian fantasies, but the real world does not work this way. It is time for us to phase out this colossal failure in public policy, & turn the concept of safety nets to local communities or states.

The results have been more like liberal zoos, herding people into regions where they can be fed, caged, & viewed by the zookeepers. People are not treated with dignity, but as progressive pets.. things that the proponents can point to to assuage their guilt, or money making projects for faux civil rights causes. But this practice is demeaning to human beings, & denies them their pursuit of self respect. It is a racist, oppressive practice, & should be stopped. It is contrary to the american ideal.

Now the left tries to twist things around.. if anyone questions the validity of welfare programs, howls of 'racism!' or 'heartless!' go up. But in actual reality, the heartlessness & racism is promoted by the backers of these programs, not the opponents. Promoting dependency like this in not good for a culture, or society as a whole. It is not sustainable. These 'pet' projects of misguided bleeding heart liberals has had the reverse effect.

How much longer will freedom loving people allow this kind of oppression in our nation? Why do we tolerate this racist, demeaning treatment of our fellow citizens? It is time for true liberty loving americans to stand against these discriminatory & oppressive policies that trap our people in a cycle of dependency. It is time for true liberals, who love liberty & individual freedom, to wake up to the lies of welfare state propaganda, & the deception of false compassion. Let's really be compassionate, & give people what they really need. Let's turn the safety net over to local communities & states. Phase out this fiasco of social engineering, & promote freedom & self respect. Let us focus on the goal, rather than perpetuating govt bureaucracy.

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