Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Global Warming

 It is clearly in the people's best interest to have concern about the quality of air & water. Polluters should be stopped, & those who poison the air & water for the rest of us should be punished for any law breaking.

But the AGW (global warming) proponents go beyond this, & claim co2 as a 'poison'. All kinds of apocalyptic scenarios are given why, if we don't stop immediately, the world will end. Cows with methane, must be stopped. ALL tractors & transportation should be immediately stopped, or the coastal cities will flood, as the ice caps melt. We will be plunged into a nuclear winter or a sauna canopy if we don't empower the environazis to stop all coal, oil, & wood burning.

I will present a few premises.. 
1. co2 is not a poison, but is necessary for plant growth. Even if you acknowledge some increases in global co2 levels (and the science on that is very suspect) you cannot correlate automatic global warming.
2. Mega volcanoes have a lot more, PROVABLE impact on climate than any man made postulates. Their impact is measurable, observable, & actual. Man made influences are computer models, with NO actual causal effects.
3. Earth temps are not actually 'known'. There is a lot of question as to the validity of some of the measurement stations, many of which are nearby massive urban areas. Of course they will measure more co2 & higher temps there, for the reason of proximity.  But extrapolating that to global impact is NOT proven science. Measurements in non urban areas are more random & unchanged.
4. Satellites have been able to measure the earth's temps for the last 33 yrs. That is only a blip in time, & hardly enough to predict any trends. But the little trend they do predict, is that for the last 18 of those years, there has been NO warming of the atmosphere.
5. Correlation does not imply causation. You have to specifically prove causation, with data & verifiable testing. Unfortunately, most of the data is extrapolated from assumptions about uniformity & projected back over millions of years.  This is speculation, not hard science.
6. When ALL the models of prediction over the last 20 yrs from the AGW preachers have been clearly false, one has reason to be skeptical of even more wild ass claims.
7. The solutions given are always political. More taxes. More govt growth. More power to govt. Mandates. Bans. Totalitarian control.
8. The dangers of population growth make AGW look like a hangnail. We can project REAL famine, war, & food shortages by very clear, real data of human population growth. So why do most agw proponents encourage massive breeding in 3rd world nations, or punishing responsible cultures by making them import hordes of overpopulating immigrants?
9. the measured increases in cities with concrete sinks have had minimal impact on global temps, even with the massive world increases in fossil fuel emissions. The data disputes the claims & the projections. AGW is not valid science, anymore, it is refuted. It has failed in the first prediction stage of the scientific method.
10. Cherry picked, agenda driven science & 'data collection' is not the scientific method. That is SAD.. science as decree. We can return to this kind of dark ages science, but humanity will be poorer (and more oppressed) for it.

 Can you 'predict' future data measurements based on this? Can you see any trends? Evidently, the AGW believers can! They can see beyond the next 1000 years, based on some data over a 30 yr period.  The data is limited.. there is certainly not enough to make wild predictions about global trends over millions of years.

Yet somehow, AGW prophets see visions of apocalyptic doom. Coastal cities flooding! Sauna like weather, massive inland floods from torrential downpours, thrusting the earth into a major climatic change... not in the timeline of billions of years, but next year! Maybe tomorrow! But if you give them silver, they can make it stop!      

“The bullying of citizens by means of dreads and fights has been going on since paleolithic times. Greenpeace fund-raisers on the subject of global warming are not much different than the tribal Wizards on the subject of lunar eclipses. 'Oh no, Night Wolf is eating the Moon Virgin. Give me silver and I will make him spit her out.”~P.J. O'Rourke

That is the 'scientific' method.  How do the AGW hysteriists do it?

1. Assert the premise: 'AGW is proven fact!'
B. cherry pick, manipulate, & falsify data to support the agenda.
4a. Conclusion: We're all going to die!!
D. Solution. Kill all the evil capitalists!
7. Wear a white coat & use scientific sounding language, & hopefully you can get a grant to continue this farce.

We are in a time of anti-science, where agenda trumps facts.

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