Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Theory of Evolution: A False Equivalency

The Theory of Evolution is basically a logical problem. It is a False Equivalence. They argue that since living things change within their genetic parameters, that they also change outside of their genetic parameters. Since moths can be different colors, perhaps they can also become a different creature entirely. This concept is repeated over & over ad nauseum, until the concept seem not only plausible, but accepted as proven fact. But, as a scientific theory, it has NO evidentiary backup. It is a fantasy.. a sci fi movie that people have turned into a cult following. You cannot talk about evolution scientifically, without the discussion devolving into a heated religious discussion. Cries of 'Blasphemy!' are there with the dedicated followers of this sect. It is not science. Evolution is a religion.
My challenge remains. Show me ONE piece of evidence that proves that living things cannot just vary, but make a genetic leap into a different gene pool. For over 100 yrs, this has been asserted, claiming it happens so slowly, we just cannot see it, but in the fossil record it happened too quickly, & we missed it. This was a fine belief system for the 19th century, but science has 'evolved' a bit since then. Living organisms do not flit about, genetically, changing with every weather pattern, or developing new genes to adapt to conditions.
I am making NO religious arguments. Stick with science. Show me ONE bit of hard evidence... heck, i'm so desperate, i'll take FLACCID evidence! Give me ANYTHING that shows how living things can change in their basic DNA. Show me HOW the chimp ancestor went from 20 pair genomes (or whatever), to 24.. or to the human 23 chromosomes. There is absolutely NO evidence that this CAN happen, much less that is somehow DID happen, millions of years ago or yesterday. Scientifically, it is impossible. Yet the pseudo science babblers declare it as science, masking everything in a flurry of meaningless verbiage designed to obscure, not enlighten. It may fool gullible people who are impressed with words they don't understand, & give the appearance of scientific credibility because of that, but it is merely a jumble of obfuscation.. put together to say nothing. This is not scientific research, it is pseudo science gobbledy gook.
Do we observe increases in complexity in living things? No. We observe lateral, or horizontal movement in the genetic code.. millions of fruit flies beget more fruit flies. Mutations either are negative, or neutral. That is all we observe. But philosophers have EXTRAPOLATED this to mean that you can have vertical changes. They ASSUME that since there is variability, then that must mean there can be increases in complexity. But in thousands of years of breeding, scientific research, & applied genetics, we CANNOT make the leaps that macro evolution suggests. Evolutionists USED to believe that neanderthal was a separate species. Genetics has proved that ~ 2 Billion people today have neanderthal dna in them. They were merely types of humans, like pygmies or Eskimos. Reproductive isolation in a species results in LESS genetic variability. If macro evolution were true, you could not have reproductive isolation, because living things would constantly be 'upgrading' their genes.. evolving new material to adapt. But that is not what we observe or test. Living things do not adapt completely.. most of the time, they go extinct. They cannot adapt to major changes in their environment, so they die. The history of species & the fossil record shows us that we have less variability now that in the past. Variability is diminishing, not increasing. That is what we observe. This is contrary to the theory that life is constantly ADDING variability & increasing complexity.
Crocodiles & sharks are relatively unchanged from prehistoric times. They have not adapted, but merely survived. Many other species have not done this. They have gone extinct.

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