Philosophical Musings

Philosophical Musings

Thursday, April 16, 2015

How much are YOU worth?

The value of my life is not made by me. I did not create myself. I did not will myself into existence, or ask to be born. I have worked my whole life, & have seen an increase as a result, but that does not define me. I have successfully (and enjoyably!) reproduced myself, & added to the glut of humanity on the planet. wink emoticon
But i cannot put a value on my life. That is for others to do, & that is my only legacy. IMO, that is the only measure of success of a human being. I will die unknown, unmourned, & forgotten by mankind, & even my own descendants will not know me in a few generations. As i was unknown for eternity past, so i will be unknown for eternity future. I hope for a joyful reunion with my Creator, in some state beyond the physical, but i have no knowledge of what, if anything, is before me. My life is not my own, but is a gift from the Creator. What He does with it is His business, but i am at peace leaving it with Him.
If i am mistaken.. if my senses & mind have deceived me & there is no purpose & no Creator, then nothing matters anyway, & everyone dies unknown, with no purpose, & forgotten. Eternity will drift on endlessly in the future darkness, & the blip of time that we were alive here was meaningless.
If there is a Creator, we have hope of purpose, meaning, & value as created souls. If there is not, we are all worthless, and nothing matters. Any value we have is completely in the eyes of the Creator. We have none, otherwise.

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